New iPad 3 not charging for thousands

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 19, 2012

We’ve been having a play with the new iPad 3 over the weekend and when we entered the office today found a few emails from PR readers explaining the new iPad 3 was not charging, which amazed us considering we’ve used the tablet all weekend. Then it hit us that we did think the charging was very slow and the battery level didn’t increase that fast, although we didn’t take much notice while being fixated on apps designed for the new Retina display.

We performed a quick test over an hour this morning using the same charger for the iPad 2, iPhone 4S, plus another Apple USB lead plugged into a universal USB charger. The results show there has been a change from the previous generation of iPad, which charged just fine on the above chargers.

The solution for new iPad’s not charging is pretty simple – all you need to do is use the charger supplied with the 3rd generation iPad, which seems a no-brainer at first but didn’t need to be done moving from the first generation to second. With this in-mind it’s easy to understand why owners of a previous iPad and iPhone wouldn’t use the new charger, and instead used an older charger like they did with previous generations. Does this sound like you?

Older chargers don’t give your new iPad any juice or do so very slowly – the Apple lead with a USB universal charger showed the icon for being plugged into an electrical outlet, but didn’t charge the new iPad at all. The iPhone charger did charge but at a much slower rate than when we plugged in the new charger shipped with the 3rd-gen iPad. These results might vary for different iPad users, but considering the emails we’ve had and the official forums being filled with issues of new iPad’s not charging, it seems like this is an obvious change with a simple solution overlooked by users with old chargers/leads. Feel free to share a comment if you’ve had problems charging the new iPad.

Update: We’ve performed a few more tests switching only the USB cable and it seems to be related to the cable only (in our tests). There have also been reports of overheating with the new iPad, although we’ve not experienced this ourselves.

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  • Debbie

    My Ipad3 has all of a sudden stopped charging! I’ve noticed the last few days that when I plug it in it says charging, then in a few seconds, it says not charging. Now it won’t charge at all. I’ve tried the car, the computer and the wall and it won’t charge on any outlet. It makes me sick that I signed on to troubleshoot and find that this is a problem with the Ipad3! And also the overheating! Mine gets so hot to the touch I can barely hold it sometimes. This too seems to be a problem with the Ipad3. This is disgusting considering what these things costs! When you pay upwards of $1000 for a piece of equipment like this, you expect it to last more than 6 months! This is my 3rd Ipad since I bought each generation as they came out because I love electronics! I love my Ipad and have convinced several of my friends to buy them. But finding out about these problems that Apple KNOWS they are having with them, is truly putting a bad taste in my mouth! If this is a problem, then they should recall the item and get the problem solved! I am NOT a happy camper at present! Now I have to drive 35 miles to the nearest Apple store to find out what to do to get it going again! This sucks!

  • trisho41

    I have a new ipad 3 .. the charger that came with it does not charge it. It will charge my iphone, but not the ipad it came with! My old iphone chargers (all 3 of them) work fine charging the ipad as well. Now John Lewis want me to send the whole thing in for repair (ive only had it 3 weeks) whereas I was jsut expecting a new charger to be sent out… anyone have any theories?! Apple have told me to see how i get on with JL then go and seek advice in an apple shop

  • ah

    Apple is rotten to the core.

  • Maricarann

    While using iBook – all other apps are closed. 

    My new iPad is not charging on USB attached to MacBook Pro. I switched to my USB cord and iPhone 4 charger but it still wouldn’t charge. I used the new supplied iPad USB again with my MacBook Pro and still no success. 

    I switched it off now and plugged it in using the supplied USB cord and charger. I hope this work. This truly sucks.

  • JoAnnG

    I think the above statements might have answered it, but I have a pile of white apple cables and want to be sure I know which one is the new one that came with the ipad 3, as they are not labelled differently at all.  Is the new cable thinner?  Thanks!

  • Treselb

    I noticed this on Sunday that while I was using the iPad, it was charging extremely slowly. The thing is, I was only using Notes! I’ve made it a habit to always close all apps as soon as i’m done with them when using my ipad 2, so i continue to do the same. So I only had the Notes app open and was going back and forth doing something on my desk then making notes in the app. I did this with the iPad plugged in, started at 67% battery, thinking it would charge. After 2 hours i noticed it was only at 72%! Not a lot of charging going on after 2 hours. When I put it to sleep and came back to it after 1/2 hour, it was fully charged. I even checked to make sure I didn’t get it mixed up with the iPhone charger. I AM using the charger that came with the New iPad.

    • Treselb

      I forgot to add that the charging adapter gets very hot too.

  • BAPD77

    Are you saying its the actual charger or the usb cable?

  • Royiamroy

    used the cable that came with it, still slow, but at least charging and not decreasing while playing video but plugged in!

  • sdchick619

    My iPad three is a hit or miss on charging with outlets and downright wont charge on any computer. I’m really getting sick of the “Not Charging” indicator. The only things that seems to be a sure bet for me it the factory charger that came with the iPad 3 and ironicly my car charger….go figure.

  • Mmedeiros06

    Mine is charging at a very slow rate,

  • Mmedeiros06


  • Talal Alghamdi

    Mine is not charging through USB cable. It only works when I connect it to electric power.


      mine does not charge at all….. is apple trying to annoy us?

  • Kyomichael

    I am using the new charger but extremely slow. Went from 83 to 93 in 20 hours

    • Mmedeiros06

      it takes so slow to charge, apple needs to do something about this 🙁

      so frustrating 🙁

    • mike

      mine is charging so slowly 🙁

      im really disappointed in this 🙁


  • APCarandang

    I used the old cable from my iPad 2 and it works well when used with the new iPad’s power adapter. I did make the mistake of using an older adapter and was freaking out why it wasn’t charging. Now I label all my iPhone/iPad adapters so I won’t make that mistake again 🙂

  • Fripton

    Several people including myself have noticed the charging block overheating on the new iPads. It gets almost too hot to touch. I’m guessing this could also be caused by the new thinner cable but I really have no idea what’s causing it.

    • Mmedeiros06

      mine ipad will not charge, very annoying