New iPad 3 apps that showcase Retina display

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 19, 2012

One of the first things we did when using the new iPad 3 was to visit Apple’s App Store and find some of them tasty apps made for the Retina display, which is pretty easy when they’re featured directly on the homepage. This allowed us to find 28 “great apps for the new iPad“, which some show the improvements right away and others are less obvious.

You can see two screenshots we took on the new iPad 3rd generation below, which the first shows Mass Effect Infiltrator that had really smooth gameplay like nothing we’ve tested on the previous iPad’s. The differences are small but also very noticeable when gaming, and this can also be seen in Real Racing 2 HD that could almost rival some PS3 graphics but obviously lacks the dedicated controls.

Certain games shine more than others on the new iPad – When it comes to iPad racing games they’re very well suited, which makes the display an ultra sensitive steering wheel, although other genres like FPS games are less appealing compared to dedicated controls on the PS Vita and consoles. This is one of the biggest problems some people have when trying to play games on iPad’s and other touchscreen devices, which gaming without dedicated buttons is just not possible for certain gamers.

These two games impressed us the most for showcasing what the new iPad’s Retina display can do, although there are 26 more apps featured on the App Store. These include Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, Infinity Blade II, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD, and many more.

Next up for new iPad apps – there are also a number of non-gaming apps that take advantage of the Retina display, but we’d love to hear what you want in the way of apps over the coming weeks, which take advantage of the improved graphics?

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  • Cheddarmuffin

    Have been really enjoying the insane graphics of the 4S and am looking forward to picking up an ipad 3 soon

    I am interested in the gaming potential of the graphical spec comparison of min Windows On Arm tablet specs vs the new iPad, any chance that you could do that? While I could write about ppi, ramand processors all day I have no idea about graphics.

    • Socius

      It’s really….meh. Powervr announced a half year ago that they just created a new line of gpu’s that are 20x faster than the chips in the iPad 2 and iPad 3. So even though iPad 3 has a quad core gpu, it’s only 20% of what the newer chips can do next year. But…next year isn’t here. And currently, the iPad does have the best mobile tablet graphics computing and the 2048×1536 resolution doesn’t hurt. Even though in certain games you were really hoping there was an extra gpu core or two in there as it feels it’s not quite enough to handle such a large screen resolution.

      If they make win8 tablets using the new 28nm Kepler mobile gpu’s, then you have 2 advantages. 1) selection of higher quality games. No app store game is going to challenge dirt 3. As long as they put in tablet based control schemes for games, that is. And even current intel onboard hd4000 graphics are