Harsh Ninja Gaiden 3 review cites low-res sewage graphics

If you are the sort of person that reads game reviews before deciding to go out and buy them, you will definitely be interested be in this controversial piece. Ninja Gaiden 3 is out this week, but contrary to the various positive reviews we’ve seen for the game, one bad review in particular has caught our eye – awarding the game a shocking 3/10 only.

Any guesses as to which site has given this score to poor Ryu Hayabusa and co? We’ll cut the suspense short and tell you that it is actually none other than IGN. According to their review, Ninja Gaiden is ‘one of the worst ever games in the action genre’ and that gamers shouldn’t waste their time on what they describe as an ‘abysmal wreck’.

It sounds really harsh for sure, especially when you consider that other sites appear to cast the game in a positive light, two of those notably being OXM and CVG who have both awarded the game with an 8/10. To pick out some specific aspects of why they went with a 3/10 though, IGN state that there’s a heavy use of repetition in the game and that the infamous difficultly curve has disappeared with enemies simply ‘popping out and waiting to die’.

If you had watched previous gameplay trailers and thought that the game looked decent, you’ll probably be unsurprised to hear that their unfavorable review does not agree with you. When speaking directly about the graphics featured in Ninja Gaiden 3, IGN has referred to the visuals as ‘low-res sewage’, which is surely not going to go down well with the developers of the game in Japan.

Tears for Team Ninja: Basically, the game has been ripped apart and it isn’t nice seeing such a low review score. Of course, as a big Ninja Gaiden fan myself I’m really disappointed with the lack of dismemberment which is a core Ninja Gaiden feature in my eyes, but this game doesn’t deserve a 3/10.

Have you played Ninja Gaiden already? If so, let us know your early impressions of the game, and your thoughts on IGN’s review. How many of you are now going to reconsider your purchase after reading their review?



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