Battlefield 3 beats MW3 with public BAFTA award

By Alan Ng - Mar 19, 2012

The recent release of MW3 Elite DLC may be making Modern Warfare 3 more popular on Xbox Live servers, but EA can now boast of a victory over Activision of their own, as it has been confirmed over the weekend that Battlefield 3 has won a prestigious BAFTA award which is voted by you, the public.

The event took place on Friday in London, with EA actually taking home three awards, while Activision went home empty handed with none. EA won BAFTA awards for Audio Achievement and Best Online Multiplayer, but the real prize for EA came when they picked up the only award which is voted by the public, with Battlefield 3 beating Modern Warfare 3 to the punch.

How did the company react to the win? EA’s Colin Blackwood spoke to VG247 after picking up the award and you may find this quote particularly interesting – “Obviously, Call of Duty has defined the size of the shooter market, so to get one over on them? That’s great.”

He went on to say that they also beat the likes of Batman: Arkham City and Skyrim, but at this time the only thing that matters to EA is that the game is number one in the eyes of the public – from a UK consumer point of view anyway. That leads us on to our next point, how will Battlefield 3 gamers in the US react to the news? They have just been treated to the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards of course, in which Modern Warfare 3 beat Battlefield 3 in the Best Shooter category.

There was some criticism of the VGA awards in general for perhaps focusing on the celebrity side of things rather than the actual games and their respective development studios, so will EA take further pleasure from the fact that they have won a BAFTA award over Modern Warfare 3 in a ceremony which is arguably more prestigious?

Let us know if you think the award is well deserved, or if you think Activision should have won instead.

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  • Harvey12

    BF3 truly deserved it because the multiplayer on MW3 is crap. The Spawn system is the stupidest in any shooter game, it mostly filled with people that dont know what they are doing e.g. 10 yr olds, most guns are overpowered. From a BF3 perspective everything is evened out, just right. MW3 campaign was awesome but not better than BF3(FACT) but the multiplayer lets it down. I admit I am a Call of Duty person but this one definitely goes to BF3. Hope the next call of duty is better (fingers crossed)

  • jj

    *$200 a day

  • jj

    Battlefield is for the more serious players, older players, people who take the game seriously.

    COD is for the people who pretty much play for for fun and people with real talent. For example FaZeClan. 600,000+ thousand subs, 80 million views, $200+ from their youtube partnership. Battlefield vids get hardly any vews on youtube.

    BF and COD shouldnt be compared

    • talent? haha i beg to dffer. the ones with true talent go into the battlefield. cod players are talent-less hacks. hackers play cod more then any other game on the planet. COD sucks.  

  • Dynasty2201

    Thoroughly deserved by DICE (screw EA, you did nothing but publish it really).  Winning Audio was a no-brainer to be honest; DICE always have the best audio of any developer in their games.  It’s indescribeable to hear BF3 on max volume with full surround sound. 

    I would have suspected BAFTA choosing BF3 as best multiplayer through the boredom of giving it to CoD, call it political voting or whatever, and im sure that because it was actually voted for by the public, we did the same thing; vote for anything other than CoD as we’re all bored of it and want it to dissappear.  So BF3 was the best choice.  And the better game.

    Portal 2 won best game of 2011, but I think it’s the public voted best game that matters, and seeing as BF3 won that vote, it goes to show what the public want and not what a group of random judges think/are paid to think. 

    I think 2011 really showed that we as a gaming community are bored with CoD, when BF3 came it out it did well, MW3 came out and of course did well in sales, but somehow Skyrim beat it to number 1 for xmas.

    Now, I knew Skyrim would be huge, but I genuinely didnt see it beating CoD.  But it did.  Now you could argue that parents are sick of violent shooting games so bought their kids Skyrim instead as they had it on their xmas list, or you could argue that parents bought Skyrim because it was cheaper (£34.99 vs £44.99 I think) and times were/are hard, but Skyrim definitely deserved a top place.

    And Im sure some people lost money on betting CoD for xmas number 1.

    Steam showed Skyrim as the number one selling and fastest selling game in it’s history, followed by the most amount of people online at once (over 5 million) shortly after Skyrim’s release as, well, everyone was playing Skyrim on PC.

    • whats sad is that both companies came up short in so many ways yet there both compared for the best game. glitches haunt bf3. even though its a better game play game the menu system sucks and so does the squad system. its crap. yet they still win an award. 

      • YorkshirePudding

        Battlefield 3 is more realistic None of the ridiculous running round and round in someone’s back yard Realistic destruction with aircraft and ground vehicles to fly and drive Totally bored of COD This is the thinking man’s shooter Most bugs are fixed now you can even talk to other squads in the team 🙂