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Apple users losing cool with overheating new iPad problem

While the new iPad has been praised for its stunning display quality thanks to the new Retina Display, it looks like we may be hearing about the first real issue that Apple has to contend with – overheating.

That’s right, as there are reports coming in thick and fast from Apple’s own support boards that the system may be prone to overheating due to the new larger battery and A5X processor that are equipped in the device.

At the moment, there’s over 100 complaints and growing, each with various accounts of potential issues that may be causing units to overheat. In some cases, we’ve read that turning the brightness setting higher may led to the device getting hotter than usual with frequent usage, whilst one user also complains that playing Real Racing 2 HD for 20 minutes resulted in a ‘scorching hot’ device.

It’s important to note that obviously not all new iPad devices have been problem, in fact our unit in the office doesn’t suffer from any heating problems whatsoever and we have even tried out Real Racing 2 HD as well – no problem there either. However, some of you are getting temperature warnings from Apple stating that your ‘iPad needs to cool down before using it’. Again this could be due to using the device in direct sunlight, or it may even be an issue attached to the 4G LTE chip if you have found yourself hammering data since buying the device.

It’s too early to tell whether this will escalate into another ‘antennagate’ affair which ultimately resulted in Apple giving away free bumper cases, but at least you are now in the loop with what’s going on over on the Apple boards. If you are in possession of a third-generation iPad, let us know if you have noticed any peculiar overheating issues with your device or not. We’ll let you know if Apple releases anything official on this.

Partial solution: One tip that you may want to try if you are having problems, is to let the battery completely drain and then charge to full capacity to see if there is an improvement or not. Alternatively, if you have solved heat problems via a different method be sure to let us know below.



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