New slender unibody for 2012 MacBook Pro arriving

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 18, 2012

Leading up to the recent iPad event we’ve heard nothing but Apple rumors surrounding their new tablet, although the iPhone 5 has also been top of people’s wish lists when it comes to finding out what’s next from Apple. Now that the recent event is behind us it seems the 2012 MacBook Pro has gained renewed focus with the latest insider information pointing to a new slender unibody.

We looked at the possibilities of a new unconventional design for the MacBook Pro earlier this week, and it seems there is a general feeling of “thin” being needed for the upcoming redesign. Popular tech blog, DigiTimes, has confirmed our earlier prediction that the new MacBook Pro will change the aging design and if their “supply chain” sources are correct, then we could not only see the disc drive removed but also shipments arriving at Apple this month thanks to production being well underway.

The difference between MacBook Air and the new MacBook Pro – of course there would need to be a reason to keep both product lines running, and it seems that specs will be that reason. The supply chain are also confirming, if these rumors are to be believed, increased storage sizes and CPU performance with a size similar to the Air, which means this would be a professional version of the MacBook Air.

Do you like the idea of a 2012 MacBook Pro with a new slender unibody, which also has more advanced specs when compared to the Air? If this is something you’re interested in, then what would the specs and price need to be for your money? You might also want to read about integrated vs. dedicated graphics in our earlier article.

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  • Pimpmymac2008

    Got to be honest. I really don’t know. I mean Apple beats the competition by far if you noticed that other computer or phone manufactures just keep on trying to copy all Apple’s creative ideas (iPhone, iPad etc). But then again from a more designers perspective; Sometimes even the best tend to make the already perfect things look worse, when everything looked just fine. 

    In my own opinion; With the latest Macbook Pro’s, I always liked the full silver MBP better then the black keys new version that just looked cheaper. I’m only talking about the looks! Now in perspective with the 2012 Mac Book Pro’s; To reason and even consider to think the new 2012 MBP line would look like a full blown MacBook Air version? I mean with all greatest respects and in this case now an updated MB Pro version, would really turn me off. Not to mention the possibility the optical drive would be removed ( for user burning purposes) makes me say; Blehhhhh. Yeah great, from now on people, let’s just put all we got ‘In The  Clouds’ . I mean let’s get real. Who can make sure all valuable private user info never get’s to third party companies for commercial marketing purposes or using our data to make new products we would then again like? They all already and exactly know what we’re doing and living for right? Even Apple can’t promise us that when ‘Database’ nowadays rules! I think Apple future plan should then be; Having their own Apple (AT&T or Verizon alike) phone service company, since they already got all our data collected. Then at least we would solely stick to one major company without selling our souls to the devil.

    I Was slightly day dreaming the new MBP’s would look like some we’d never seen before. Meaning out of this world, making PC’s just a collectors item for humans in 2012:-)Pimp My Mac®_

  • John

    That’s the right move Apple. I’m happy to use the optical drive as a separate device, hook it up to my laptop only when I need it. Hardly use it these day.