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Patience wearing thin for Nexus S Ice Cream Sandwich update

When Samsung recently announced the availability of an official Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Galaxy S II smartphone, many Nexus S owners around the world were probably thinking – what about us? The good news, is that it looks like Samsung hasn’t forgotten about you as an update may just be around the corner.

We’re hearing whispers that the Nexus S will be next in line to receive an official helping of Ice Cream Sandwich, although the source of the whispers has come from Engadget, so unfortunately no official confirmation from Samsung yet. According to the site, Ice Cream Sandwich will be arriving on the Nexus S in a matter of ‘weeks’, but then again that isn’t really want you wanted to hear is it? The pleasing aspect to note though is that they have taken this for granted as happening, and have not labelled this as a rumor, so that’s something to get optimistic about at least.

For those of you that aren’t aware, there is an unofficial version of Ice Cream Sandwich waiting to be downloaded if you have a rooted AWS version of the Nexus S. We’ve dug up the old forum listing at the XDA Developers Forum from November 2011, so click here to go directly to that site where you’ll find a full list of download links and instructions on how to get Ice Cream Sandwich running unofficially.

Broken promises: Do you think that Samsung will actually deliver on this in a few weeks? There is obviously a great deal of frustration amongst Nexus S owners after seeing the likes of the Galaxy S II receive an update, when your handset was once the cream of the crop with Android Gingerbread before anyone else.



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