Elder Scrolls MMO preference over Skyrim DLC fears

By Alan Ng - Mar 16, 2012

While the majority of console Skyrim players are waiting for Bethesda to finally announce their DLC plans for the game, a huge new rumor is doing the rounds. One of the reasons why Bethesda may be taking their time on DLC, is that they could be secretly working on an Elder Scrolls MMO project.

You may be thinking, where an earth has this come from? But actually, this little gem of a rumor appears to have been the subject of Chinese whispers since the days of Morrowind.

A new report has got everyone talking over the last 24 hours though, as an article published by Tom’s Guide claims that an Elder Scrolls MMO is indeed a reality, and that Bethesda will be unveiling it officially at E3 2012 and Quakecon this year. Details are minimum at the moment as you can imagine, but they have revealed that the alleged MMO will take place ‘a millenium’ before the events of Skyrim and hundreds of years before any Elder Scrolls game that has released.

There is even some initial details on potential classes, as an ‘anonymous industry source’ has told Tom’s Guide that the game will feature three playable factions, with the logos of each faction meant to represent a dragon, lion and a bird of prey – interesting.

It goes without saying that if done right, this game has the potential to be the mother of all MMO games – aka Skyrim on steroids. Many Skyrim players have been crying out for some sort of multiplayer mode to be added to the game, but a full blown MMO with never ending progression whilst sticking to the same core gameplay and combat mechanics – you can essentially kiss goodbye to whatever social life you have if this game comes out.

Obviously there are barriers to overcome with an Elder Scrolls MMO – most notably the subscription platform that Bethesda will have to implement. What would be a fair price for an online Elder Scrolls experience with other players? A lot of players would pay a handsome sum for this functionality, so Bethesda must be licking their lips at the prospect of being able to monetize the game at last.

Holding up DLC? What are your initial thoughts of an Elder Scrolls MMO? Could this be the reason why DLC has taken so long to come out for Skyrim? Bethesda recently gave everyone a great preview of some of the content that could be coming, but more support really needs to come now on console, especially since PC players are in dream world at the moment with the creation kit. We’ll be going into greater detail on the possibility of an Elder Scrolls MMO soon, but in the meantime we just hope that this bombshell is confirmed in May first.

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  • kenkeneknk

    i think just a two man coop would be cool, something like dead island style gameplay but nothing too big

  • kenkeneknk

    i think just a two man coop would be cool, something like dead island style gameplay but nothing too big

  • Paul

    Christ, I really hope that Bethesda doesn’t turn TES into some gay, overrated, pointless series like COD. It’s fine the way it is. Gimme some DLC, couple more patches and I’m happy. Screw ‘Massive Multiplayer Online’ games.

  • ralf

    An mom would ruin elder scrolls completely. The beauty of sky rim is that what you do has an impact. However, if it was an mmo you wouldn’t be able to just go around killing everyone because you have to share the game with potentially millions of other people.

  • Soul_up

    To me I think it would be cool if they designed a Elder Scrolls mmo. It would be interesting to play in a world 1000 years before Skyrim.

  • Fred_rob_92

    How can you hate on the idea of being able to play elder scrolls with other people? You have morrowind, oblivion, and skyrim that are single player rpg’s be happy with those. This is a new idea from bethesda and a good one. If you don’t like the idea then you don’t have to buy the game.

    •  If people (mod/cheat/hack/) on the rumored MMO it could ruin other players experience.
      Such as console commands,God Mode
      I don’t think any (computer/server) could handle such an AWESOME! game…Imagine the
      market system, being able to buy/sell Enchanted Rares! 🙂 Monthly updates please!

    • By your logic (Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim are single player), since nearly every game released these days has multiplayer tacked on, you should be happy with those other games and leave TES alone.

      How can I hate the idea of playing TES with other people? Pretty damn easily. I can just imagine it now… I climb to the summit of a grand mountain and gaze out at the fog-covered tundra below as the setting sun turns everything red and the wind kicks up snow around me… what completes this scenario? A naked character runs right in front of me, jumping up and down while spinning and yelling “I’M A ROFLCOPTER I GO SWASWASWASWASWA!”. Ah, now that’s what I call immersion.

      Better question, how can anybody like the idea of playing The Elder Scrolls with other people?

      • No, that doesn’t follow the same logic as Fred_rob_92 at all. He is stating that morrowind, oblivion, and skyrim are set in the elder scrolls lore. They are single player. You can enjoy playing that.

        “How can anybody like the idea of playing The Elder Scrolls with other people?”
        I can, it would be fun to go on a quest with a few of your buds, meet some people in town and trade around gear. It would be fun to go into pvp using 1st person real time combat slashing and shooting fireballs at other wood elves and orcs. It would be even better to run around in a dungeon hacking and slashing undead as my friend casts a heal spell to cure my wounds. I’m sorry you are to close minding to even consider the possibilites of a massively multiplayer aspect to an elder scrolls game. Its your loss.

        Its not likely to happen, but if it does great. Really, in the long run it isn’t your or my opinion that matters its the amount of people who subscribe and pay bethesda.

  • Andez13

    2-6 player would be fun but the way I see it is everyone wants them to focus on the single player so why dont they do that first then focus on the multiplayerr later

  • Derek

    It’s painful reading these comments.  I mean seriously, did you read the article?  This is speculation on the release of an mmo, not the creation of one.  If bethesda has any delay due to a project, it’s going to be because fallout 4.  That said, who the hell cares if they release an mmo?  It won’t be affecting the creation of any single player rpgs in the future, unless they completely drop the elder scrolls, which is also highly unlikely based on their sales with skyrim.  So, what I’m saying is, how is releasing the mmo that is already developed going to affect your beloved franchise..  come on.. get real kids.

    • Yeah, because World of Warcraft didn’t keep Blizzard from releasing Warcraft 4 on time…

      An Elder Scrolls MMO wouldn’t affect their other games? Get real, kid.

  • KD

    Let’s just hope it won’t end up as the next TORtanic.

  • Briggs034

    an mmo will be a step backward. The elder scrolls gives you the chance to be whoever you want in another world. The ability to choose who you are, what you do, replies, apparel, weapons……. all that choice becomes superfluous when you realise that all you are doing in that gigantic world doesn’t change anything.
    In an mmo you can save the universe twice over, do everything there is to do, complete the whole thing….. then you realise that in fact the universe is still in peril from the bad guy you already defeated twice, someone else also has the same titles and ultimately you are levelling for the sake of levelling. can it be a role playing game if you have no role to play?
    (before someone comments….. yes i do have a girlfriend, and no im not a nerd)

    • I’m not sure I really understand how skyrim isn’t linear. To be honest it just kind of seems like they drop a ton of content on you and call it nonlinear gameplay. For a game to be nonlinear, there has to be choices and I don’t EVER remember making them in skyrim. It was essentially: “Is this interesting to me? Let me do it. That quest seems dumb. I don’t want to do it.” It really just depends on what you want to do without any sort of outcome in the end.

  • Maclane0911

    No MMO’s, The Elder Scrolls has been it’s own single player world forever.  If it goes MMO it breaks that legacy.  They just cant do it.  The people that want multiplayer, I’ve acknowledged that they are newbies that came from MW2-3 and played Skyrim, and talk about multiplayer.  No….I Like them buying and supporting the franchise but to come in and change it.  It’s like the story of skyrim itself, the Nords ways are being changed haha. So No, don’t do it Bethesda, people will ruin it…..

    • Thats absurd. The people that want multiplayer are newbies from Modern Warfare? Ive been hoping they would put in multi since MORROWIND. But THIS is not what I was talking about. I wanted a DND-esque party, you and your buddies conquer dungeons and such. This doesnt work if everybody in the goddamn world is a hero, and the things they do dont even matter. AGGGHHH friggin MMOs.

    • Fred_rob_92

      Lol I’ve played since morrowind too, and I’ve been waiting for some sort of multiplayer on an elder scrolls game. Where do you get newbies from call of duty? If not an mmo just a co-op mode where u can connect and quest with friends.

  • eric

    i agree that a mmo would be annoying, people of a higher level would gang up on lower levels and people would just get pissed and rage quit like its gears. i do agree that there should be a type of muliplayer where people could create private servers that they could invite their friends to.

  • Blutoblutarsky83

    Trash – unless a game has couch co op as well then I am of the firm opinion that that game should be banned by law in the US.

  • Rjleppert

    well maybe instead of a full blown mmo, a dlc or something can be made to where 4 friends can get together like through xbox live, kill monsters, dragons, complete missions, whatever. also like the more friends, the bigger, harder, and more enemies there are. like a progression.

  • Pigwe

    No MMO, thanks!

  • Andre

    I think an Elder scrolls mmo would be genious i think all the people saying no to it are just noobs they no nothing about elder scrolls and all of the lore behind it and i think a good way to experiance alot of it with a good mmo instead of having to make new games. because at that rate we would never be able to play threw out all the places of nirn. morrowing cyridil and skyrim have been the only ones played so far leaving left summerset isle , Black marsh, Elswyer , valenwood , hammerfell, and highrock, wich are all just in tamriel there are still the to continets of yokuda and al,kavir.  we would have died of old age before they made games for all of them so i think doing this threw an mmo would be genius

    • I bet you know more what Tamriel looks like than a vagina. 

      • Mich-james

        Well nice to see the brute neanderthals read posts.

      • Your mum!

        And I bet you know more about what a penis looks like than your own hand. What I’m saying is who are you to say that in reply to someone’s opinion? Stop hating and get on with your own life instead of worrying about others!!

    • Bloodhound_93

      Apparently you never heard of arena or daggerfall before? Every country has been in an elder scrolls game, not just morrowind cyrodiil and skyrim. Maybe you should check your own “facts” before you make yourself look like a fool. ELDER SCROLLS WILL STAY SINGLE PLAYER OR I WILL BOYCOTT BETHESDA!!!


  • Dr Dakotacrowson

    I personally think it would be fun, BUT they would have to do something to where veterans wouldn’t go murk a lvl. 4 or something like that. Perhaps a lvl 1-10 world, a lvl 11-20 world, a lvl 21-35 world, and a 36+ world. Also maybe new quests involving more than one person. I think it has potential if they go with it, but honestly i would prefer just a DLC, Thats the way Elder Scrolls is meant to be. 

    • Trek42

      maybe gaurdian statues or something so when a high level gets near a low level this statue will appear in the as if summoned draw it’s weapon and if the high level draws theirs the statue obliterates them to give people a reason to avoid banditry

    • Archangel7276

      A DR uses a word like murk as a verb… lol

  • Sam

    I hate WoW and I generally hate MMO’s its a shame if Bethesda really get on that wagon. That franchise should never be use for that.

    • Kingjokaris

      Elder scrools is actually the perfect franchise to go MMO they have a huge open world crafting a runing economy hell even a functioning government and police force. lets be real it would be the best thing to happen to group roleplay since 12 sided dice if you ever played muds like DARTMUD Achea and Genesis back in the day you’d appreciate how an Elderscrolls mmo would be awsome. hell throw in permadeath and a few active gods and it will be awsome

    • Couldn’t agree more. I’ve sunk over 200 hours into the Fallout games and another 300 on the Elder Scrolls games. There is a big market of people like me that love single player RPGs and tbh, there are fewer and fewer good single player ones out there today. Some of us don’t want an MMO. Sometimes less is more. 

      • I bet you know what a vagina looks like more than a penis looks like, because you have a vagina!

  • Penod

    I don’t want to see it go MMO because I do not want to pay to keep enjoying Skyrim and I couldnt see it working as one, just based on how WoW and SWTOR play. If there was a multiplayer with like a max of maybe 12 people it would be super cool though. I also don’t want it to go MMO because I just got Star Wars the Old Republic and I dont wanna do 2 at a time!

    • Fred_rob_92

      You wouldn’t have to pay for the mmo jackass.

      • Fred_rob_92

        As long as it was induced into skyrim ofcourse. ^

  • Charles

    DLC being halted because of MMO?… not likely.  They have already said the DLC will have ” a lot of meat on them” plus they are still patching the game and even adding new features in the patches, so it isn’t surprising the DLC is taking a while. 

  • Anon1337

    At DICE earlier this year, i remember hearing something during Todd Howard’s speech about how there was a group that was part of ZeniMax working on an online project that hadn’t been announced. I also remember that they started working on said project in 2004. I would assume with an Elder Scrolls MMO, that 8 years would be a very understandable development cycle. With that said, I’m betting that the project which is delaying Skyrim DLC is actually Fallout 4.

  • Durr

    interesting… honestly it sounds fake… but who knows?
    I think it’s more likely they mixed up plans with a fallout MMO(which is more likely to go MMO) with some Skyrim DLC plans and got seriously confused…
    guess we’ll see soon.

  • Dalacore

    Personaly it depends on how they make it into a MMO if its just you and a hand full of your friends its kool. But if it is masive then probibly will go down the drain to many people trying to kill you all the time. That is no fun that just pisses you off.

    • Draco xeinimurphi

      MMO massive multi-player on-line   so yes its going to be a large amount of people.

  • Billw001

    If it goes MMO, they need to have it so you can solo everything like you do in the current game.

    • Rimmer

      there would be no point to the massively multiplayer in it then. all everyone would be doing is playing a single-player rpg, but sharing it with a bunch of other people. woot. too many modern mmorpgs like that now a days, being too soloable I mean, too far into the game, which is why I haven’t stuck on many because of the long boring hunt & gather until i get to raiding level where people actually play together. just pretend skyrim is a soloable mmorpg and be content 

  • Blakeelvandar

    They can’t be serious! MMO would ruin everything I love about The Elder Scrolls. They are my favorite games of all time. If it was to happen they can say goodbye to my support for good.

    • Trek42

      don’t worry I’m sure it would be like ok let’s do a TES MMO several years later now A TES MO some more years later now a single player TES

  • Demo

    While I am a huge MMO fan, I dont want this to happen. We have plenty of decent ones already out and some on their way in a few months, theres no reason for Edler Scrolls to go this route. 

    • Rimmer

      I think Fallout has a perfect theme for their MMORPG… elder scrolls is an epic sandbox solo rpg experience. for mmorpgs the only ones i’ve enjoyed much in the past 6 or 7 years have really been Rift and the Old Republic. I tried wow twice years ago and didnt really enjoy it, even when I already knew people who were playing it before i’d tried it lol. But a Fallout MMO,… that might be interesting, a bunch of gritty grungy wastelanders with factions of player-controlled raiders, vault-dwellers, even mutants. plenty of potential for the Fallout theme in an mmorpg imo, I can see their idea behind the early age thing if this rumor is true, kind of like exploring an early middle earth era like the early war over the ring or something with lots of players, but I don’t think it would work well or it wouldnt feel like elder scrolls any more. Fallout could be an mmo win though

  • Sirriddler

    Say no to MMO!

  • Scala

    GW2 ‘nough said

  • Grimstone

    Sad news indeed.  🙁

  • Cooldude65

    really nobody here sees the potential it is groundbreaking a company can only go forward and if it is truely that bas then you can just not buy and wait to play on your own again 🙂

  • Cloudstr1fe

    I for one cannot stand MMO’s, I love Elder Scrolls and other rpgs as single player and I feel games that focus too much with online tend to take the magic out of a game

  • Pastorross82

    Tim Howard said in an interview that “they” (TES design team are not fans of MMO). if they do this they are simply sellouts and no better than the folks over at EA who charge people to play Mass Effect 3 online.

    • Cantusemyemail

      its Todd Howard

      • NgTurbo

        Maybe he’s an Everton F.C fan

    • Rimmer

      Herald the coming of Origin … all non-believers will be cast into the flames. 

  • Jerry

    Agreed. Not an MMO fan.

  • Arde

    well, it’s about time I’ve got closure with the elder scrolls. If it goes MMO I go the other way.