PS4, Xbox 720 game discs obsolete in five years for tokens

By Alan Ng - Mar 15, 2012

With the frequent stream of online passes now becoming an additional stumbling block for gamers, it is clear that the industry is slowly edging towards the reality of digital gaming with no way back.

Capcom share that vision as well, perhaps more than others are willing to divulge at the moment. Christian Svensson, the main man behind the US division of the company has given a fascinating interview with Gamasatura, in which he has stated that in five years, game discs will be replaced by tokens that come bundled with soft toys and figurines.

We’re not joking either. While he doesn’t think that retailers will be eliminated entirely, he feels that gamers will instead buy games as an impulse purchase, rather than an intended purchase. But tokens, seriously? Surely we are a long way off that happening, where we no longer receive a shiny game disc inside a box.

We understand his logic though. In a way it is similar to some of the product-game deals that we have recently seen before in the US anyway. Remember the Dr Pepper Battlefield promotion in which you could get some free dog tags by using promo codes featured on bottles and cans? Well we’re guessing that this is exactly the idea that he expects to see a lot more of, only that there will be a bigger emphasis on the game content you’ll be getting with these ‘figurines’ or ‘soft toys’.

Most of you will probably think he’s on another planet though – but we wouldn’t like to bet against the idea of something like this happening in the future – just not in five years, as that is too soon. For example, imagine a scenario where you could only pick up Capcom’s latest Street Fighter game on next-generation consoles if you bought a limited edition set of Street Fighter figurines – that wouldn’t be feasible right now would it?

The interview is well worth checking out, as there’s a lot of interesting quotes from Svensson. At the moment, these feel like pipe dreams to us which won’t happen soon, when in reality, the company should be providing evidence in the real world why they didn’t include local online co-op on the Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter X Tekken, or why they locked away 12 extra characters on the console disc, which they plan to charge gamers for at a later date.

Going back to the digital debate though – what are your thoughts on this? Do you think discs will become obsolete in five years time or not?

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    Think of the token like a 32 gb SD card or something, you still get a physical game,  but they bulk up the package a bit with a game related toy, so you feel like your buying something you can hold onto. Plus cute crap toys packed in with the games that aren’t worth buying will sell to stupid kids.

  • Pikeing-74

    Who above 10 years old wants to buy soft toys or Figurines people should have the choice of disk or token I would keep to disk my self

  • Pikeing-74

    Who above 10 years old wants to buy soft toys or Figurines I hope people have the choice of tokens or buying on disk I would keep to disk myself

  • Guest

    tokens? how f### cheesey….cant wait to play Call of Duty 10 while cuddling cpt price. get real

  • greentea11

    you people come up with the most ridiculous things ever. things that are not well thought out. like the phone being more powerfull or usefull then the average computer. it will never happen.

  • Tray Caddy

    Does it mean tokens as in like with a password on it that let’s you play the game? I want to use discs not type in a password, I grew up on the playstation so im used to discs. And PS3 uses blue ray discs which is pretty cool

  • I would agree with Deehan_1888 being a gamer my self, I love to have a disc version as well as the fact that here in new Zealand to get more the 30 gig of Internet cap is expensive and well to get unlimited would be plain stupid for a family low in money, I think it would be nice to have the option to by disc and content or to buy online and content, this way both sides win (although pricing may have to be fair for people buying discs)

  • AM3RIG

    I wont buy the discless console, and skip the nex-gen console. ..

  • they would be shooting themselves in the foot – anyone without a high-speed internet connection would be instantly lost customers. there would be no reason for them to even buy a new console if they had no way of downloading games. plus, I want to own a physical copy – no one likes to “own” nothing but ones and zero’s.

  • Kyle LeBlanc

    I think and hope that the next gen consoles ditch optical media for games on flash media. Much faster and would reduce the load times to pretty much nothing. It would be awesome. One can hope.

  • laughing-gravy

    Two words B**L S**T!

  • Deehan_1888

    I don’t think the next gen consoles will be disc free for a few reasons.

    1. File sizes are way too big even for the PS3 games never mind PS4. Sure there are some PS3 games you can download from the store but games like Uncharted 3 & Metal Gear Solid 4 took up all 25GB on a Bluray disc. Internet download speeds aren’t fast enough to download files that size in a reasonable amount of time in a city never mind users who live in rural areas or small towns.

    2. Sony has spent billions promoting Bluray as the new standard in media. They are not going to drop a Bluray drive from the PS4 considering how many movies & games are on Bluray. My prediction is they will upgrade the laser & the discs will be have 3-4 layers for maximum data.

    3. Game resellers like Gamestation, G-Force, GameStop will all go out of business if this happens.

    4. Most gamers like to have a physical product in their collection. I know I do anyway.