MW3 Black Box set in stone for PS3 owners

By Alan Ng - Mar 15, 2012

Just in case you still needed reminding, Activision still offers a PS3 subscription service for Call of Duty Elite. Xbox 360 users may be getting the content early, but we now have news of when Activision will release the next content drop DLC goodies on the PlayStation Store – ie, the missing Black Box and Overwatch DLC maps.

Xbox 360 owners with an Elite subscription are obviously loving life right now. They received the Overwatch map on February 21st, followed by the new Black Box map and two Spec Op missions which have just become available on Xbox Live earlier this week.

Now though, Activision has finally given some important information for PS3 Elite users, as Overwatch has been scheduled to appear in the PlayStation Store update on March 29, or perhaps sooner depending on which day Sony updates your region store.

Activision has ‘kindly’ also given PS3 users an indication of when Black Box will be arriving as well. Dan Amrich has written on his blog that he believes Black Box will arrive on April 12 on the PlayStation Store, again this could be sooner like Tuesday or Wednesday depending on your region.

Although it is obviously not ideal that you have to wait a month longer than Xbox 360 users to get the content, at least Overwatch and Black Box will be arriving in a relatively short amount of time between releases so once you have played Overwatch to death, Black Box will be ready and waiting for you.

The Subscription: How do you see Activision’s subscription service for Call of Duty panning out in the future? We’re hearing that EA also has plans for a Battlefield subscription which we’ll get onto at a later point, but do you think we will have an outcome where the majority of console FPS games will now require a monthly/annual fee for the full package? It seems to be heading down that route from where we see it, but free to play shooters such as DUST 514 does still prove that there are developers out there who are not just looking to bleed our wallets dry.

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  • PiperAtDawn

    Stop buying it,they’ll stop Skanking us then!

  • Steve

    …well, I would share the opinion that the prejudice of giving Xboxer’s DLC first is tripe!  We have paid our $50.00 just like anyone else, hoping to get the most out of the experience available. The releases should fall together, for all….whoever pays should be able to play the same day.

    Elsewhere, I have just one area to pose thought on. This weekends Double XP has not yielded what was promised. (double xp and better matchups)

    After playing several games Friday night, the scoring was the same. And matchups were more lopsided than ever.

    Every blogger and twitter writer has posted on this issue, and even added there is some patch for designated server issues. Golly Beav, think we can get Lassie to drag the money men in and set this up correctly. I’ll say this, the idea certainly sounds like a good way to try and offer an olive branch to players anyway. But, somewhere along the line, there’s something still missing. I’ve been reading about cheaters and hackers, those who are really rackin’ up on PC, but truth is, there are a large number of PS3 users who are abusing privelidges as well.

    The seemingly weighted match-up for 98% of games is off the charts. It’s unbelievable how such intricate, precision based technology can shell out such confusing results.

    Admittely, I’m not always the brightest crayon in the box, and honestly, no one can claim they are, but it is time to come forward with a humble attitude and admit when I don’t know jack. So,someone please answer me this (and do so with an acceptable explanation)  how is it for example, that a clan of prestige 10’s are set against a team of 80’s or below?  How is that deemed acceptable?  It would seem Clan’s would have the sense of decency to go play on the Elite maps, ie: with the bigger kids like themselves in the sandbox. The old go against your own and see how good you are.

    This is an easy example of abuse. Other’s are not so simple. I’ve encountered more than my share of mis-matched matchup’s that are indescribeably lopsided. This is not just the occasional mis-hap, it’s most of the time. The frustration and disapointment for those with mediocre, or, less than average skill sets is, and continues to voiced by the majority of commenters in posts like this one. 

    The bottom line here is yes, this is a game, no more. It should not be a bullying tool!! The joy of being in an arena that breeds healthy sportmanship should not be sacrificed!  

  • Walker

    although I’m opposed to receiving any dlc later than the xbox, at least we are recieving this one in a month instead of the over a month period of the 1st and 2nd dlc.

  • Vertical-

    Im just upset that Regular Xbox users get DLC before the ps3 Elite members do. I know I wont buy this shitty Elite thing unless they fix it. Also, Clan Ops – There has been 2 or 3 of them like a month ago and no more have came WTF. I hate Activision…