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Microsoft eases tight hold on free BBC iPlayer for Xbox 360

It has been a long time coming, but we’re pleased to say that there is some good news at last for Xbox 360 owners. The BBC iPlayer app will be available to download soon and it will also be a free download as well.

There were fears that this may end up a paid service, or be restricted to those only with an Xbox Live Gold subscription, but thankfully it looks like the BBC and Microsoft has come to some sort of agreement to make the popular video service completely free for Silver members as well.

The device was meant to be coming out towards the end of last year, but Microsoft’s demands for the app to be a Gold service only led to the delay, which prior to this had lasted for no fewer than three months. Just like the PS3 BBC iPlayer app, you’ll now be able to watch your favorite BBC TV programmes such as Top Gear, and of course fulfill your secret Eastenders fetish from the comfort of your Xbox 360 console as well.

Just like the collection of other on-demand video services from the UK such as the ITV Player, 4OD and Channel 5 on demand, the BBC iPlayer will only work for UK Xbox 360 owners. This is pretty frustrating if you live outside of the UK like myself, so hopefully, magically, all these great services will be enabled outside of the UK in the future – not getting my hopes up on this though.

If you live in the UK and are looking forward to this, you’ll be able to download it sometime next week according to a Eurogamer report. However, it is still not official news yet though so we’re waiting for a press release from Microsoft. We’re glad that Microsoft has finally come to their senses on this, as charging for the iPlayer would have been a travesty – and they know it.

Are you a fan of the BBC iPlayer?



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