Skyrim DLC without major issues

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 14, 2012

We haven’t heard a lot of news about Skyrim DLC from those behind the game, although we know many of the major bugs are fixed, so this should mean more focus by Bethesda on the upcoming downloadable content. This has left a gap after the Creation Kit and latest 1.5 patch, which is being filled with speculation and debate by fans on what the Skyrim DLC should include.

Bring the Skyrim expansion without problems – this is an almost impossible task considering all DLC is followed with bugs, which then get fixed with updates from the devs but it’s also fair to say some downloadable content has more issues than others. Not to mention the amount of games adding weak content not worth paying for, so we want Bethesda to take time and create something absolutely amazing to let us spend another 300 hours playing the game.

We’ve seen a number of stories posted that point to “meat” in the upcoming content, although we’ve heard this before and while we continue to get responses on Twitter from those behind Skyrim, it’s normally the same information and the developers are keeping very tight lipped about the details. We know it’s going to be big like a “world expansion” and there are many roads leading out of Skyrim that could be taken advantage of, although the recent video tease from developers showed what is possible.

What are you feeling right now when it comes to the wait for Skyrim DLC, and do you mind waiting so we get content that is free from major issues? We have confidence in Bethesda to bring something special, dragon mounts are top of my list, and after putting in over 300 hours within the first couple of months we had to stop, although there are still loads of gamers playing every day. Did you get bored with Skyrim after putting in many hours, and could DLC bring you back?

While there is so much more we can do in Skyrim, even after 300 hours of gameplay, we feel like fresh content is needed but also with some extra features like riding dragons, horse armor, and even being given the ability to run our own town and command an army. This idea is not to everyone’s taste just like co-op DLC, but for us it’s something that would be a game-changer for the better. What ideas do you have for Skyrim DLC, which you want and might never see the light of day?

Everyone has a different level of patience for Skyrim DLC – Bethesda has focused on fixing the bugs/glitches and this has certainly slowed progress on any release date for DLC, and some gamers feel there shouldn’t be a time frame for the developer, although I feel they have to get the balance right because waiting too long could drive people onto other games. Then when we think about other RPGs that are like Skyrim or better, our mind goes blank so feel free to share your thoughts on what games you’re playing if you stepped away from Skyrim?

If you want Skyrim DLC without issues then it will take extra time, unless you are a gamer that is willing to have the downloadable content now and happy for the developer to patch it later. If you still had problems with Skyrim, would you be willing to pay for DLC?

The Skyrim DLC story has fans already willing to part with cash – towards the end of last year we had over 400 comments from our readers on what they’d like to see with Skyrim DLC to bring them back to the game, and while some people left Skyrim just as many stayed. Bethesda has continued to release patches for the game and v1.4 fixed many bugs, but some of our readers still reported issues with certain quests. Last month we saw a new concept video from the developers, which got fans thinking about some of these features being introduced into the upcoming DLC. We also know that Bethesda is looking at the future for other games, especially considering they posted a job opportunity for a “next-gen game” a couple of weeks ago.

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  • Chicitywarrior69

    It would be nice to throw in some more action packed missions and at least let the follower ride a horse with you. Hopefully in the new DLC we can ride dragons like said earlier in te article

  • Oblivion Fan

    I’d like to see a very large and involving quest chain with some emotional impact, new monsters and areas and the difficulty re-scaled to add a lot more challenge from the outset and throughout.  A new combat move or two would be very welcome.

  • I’ll buy the DLC, but only if I get to sate my character’s genocidal rage against the Thalmor.

  • Boss

    everybody talks about riding a dragon, and how sweet it would be… personally i don’t understand why, you’re gonna be invincible to most things, and how much fun is that really? i think i would get bored of that quite quickly… but the arena idea is a good idea… but you gotta win sweet stuff, some armor, a weapon… and the game for sure needs more armor… and horse armor would be okay, as long as its thrown into the mix, not a download itself… and a whole new area would be nice, i have over 500 hours in the game, and knowing where everything is sucks… and i think they should start thinking about releasing the dlc soon, i love skyrim as much as the next person, but it’s been taking so long i’ve started playing MW3 and ME3, and soon skyrim will be old news, especially with some of the new games coming out, they’re taking too long now

  • Johndoe29johndoe

    all i want is some kind of an arena you could fight in, like there were in the previous elder scrolls games

  • Charles

    A lot of articles have been about the hope of dragon riding, though in fact I would be a little disappointed if they spent time on making it work in game (such as the problem with flying over cites that are actually part of their own cell, like whiterun or windhelm, with out breaking immersion to much), opposed to adding a new quest line (unless of course the riding becomes unlocked by the quest line). Not to say I wouldn’t want to ride a dragon, but I need something to DO with my dragon.

    Also keep in mind the list of mods Bethesda did a while back aren’t necessarily what they are going to add as DLC, from my understanding that was just them having a “fun week” letting the employed do what ever they want in the game.

    Also, why is this article requesting horse armor! It really didn’t have over big in Oblivion, an horse have an even shorter life span in Skryim, at least mine do… stupid dragons >:( . 
    Unless its included for free or as a part of something much bigger, I hope Bethesda passes on horse armor.

    • Ethan

      I think your right. The dragon riding would be cool but if all you get to do is ride it then get off, it would be kind pointless. If they are going to put dragon riding in the pack then they need to make say somewhere to put your dragon in a new village or something like that. Or where somewhat like in *Avatar* when he gets the biggest ride everyone is in love with him.

  • Seamrok

    Nice.  Way to turn a legitimate posting offer into some lame flamer rebuttals.  Enough.

    I would love to see the Skyrim DLC include dragon riding and/or attacks from dragon/ horses.  More special named items would be great rewards for those longer quests.  Removing the scaled difficulty from Oblivioun was a disappointment, as I constantly wish the game wasn’t as easy – even on the highest level of difficulty I tend to walk right through most quests with little to no death.  Definitely an expansion of the acquatic areas would be amazing-  some battles or fights between ships and/or ships and ground forces !! 

    • To be fair, if you hadn’t spent 2-1/2-3 hours making nothing but iron daggers of fear you wouldn’t be able to just walk through any quest with your legendary daedric armor of health regen and your legendary skyforge steel sword of health sapping.

  • Matt

    I really want to have DLC(s) unlock the paths to Morrowind, Cyrodil, and Hammerfell… of course along with new content. If they don’t release those for DLC then the next game better be named Elder Scrolls VI: Tamriel.

    I don’t mind this taking time–I wan’t this to be a good release. I’ve been playing Oblivion in the meantime so when the DLC comes out, the glory of Skyrim will be recognized fully…. If they take too long I may have to start playing Morrowind… but hopefully not so long that I would have to put in… Modern Warfare 3 

  • Yengalabharath

    When i launch game in “ULTRA/MEDIUM/HIGH’ Seetting game going to destop/craches please help me ..
    i ma useing Stream version and done with verify integrety also.

    When i do verify-integrety the game geting updated.?

    This proble getting with Latest update only.. Do need ful.

  • I’d like more capes and cloaks. I want to look like Talos!

  • Brian

    i want throwing weapons, crossbows and bombs, NOW!!!!

  • Plap16

    I want to see a DLC to Pyandonea. You get kidnapped by pirates. They knock you out by a surprise attack (Probably in Dawnstar).  You lose your equipment. You’re headed for Western High Rock coast but a storm blows you heavily off course, shipwrecked onto island. Start anew (or with a single weapon/armor from previous inventory) and then quest to find Orgnum. (Could include a few new shouts, weapons, spells, blah blah blah)

    • Charles

      funny, there is a pirate mod of oblivion on the PC that is almost exactly what you just described, except you get your gear back after the crash and instead of finding orgnum, you become a pirate captain with a bunch of quests…

    • Isn’t that basically the plot of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall?

  • mcnellysammich

    More weapons and armor…lots more. Including unique stuff. The game is much more fun for me when I end a quest with something new, especially items that can only be obtained through a specific quest, such as daedric artifacts. Quests get repetitive after hours of playing without anything special to gain from them.

  • Joecox1987

    dragon mounts would be flippin sweet, especialy since ive been talking about that the my friends for years. and being able to build your house where you want it and how you want it, would be cool. think about a house on the top of a mountian, just because you can. sweet!! one other thing that’d be cool, but maybe will never happen, putting all the maps together where you could roam freely between places.

  • Ticlimax

    What did I play when I stepped away from Skyrim? The entire Mass Effect series. Its lineair narrative style is everything Skyrim isn’t (and doesn’t aim to be). Playing TES always sturs up my need for empathic drama,  as my character always seems so superficiel in comparison to Bioware’s gems. Playing ME always sturs up my need for freedom, for exploration and roaming vast and spectacular worlds. Whatever DLC comes out for either of these series, I can wait, I’ll need time to get back to the point where I crave for some TES action anyway.

    • Ranger1

      I am in total agreement. So many times I feel like I am one person exploring a vast empty paradise with no other relevant people. Terrible scripting with NPC’s but the gameplay is just too mesmerising to stop playing for good. So instead I take breaks with games like ME, SWTOR, and Assassin’s Creed. All games that offer a sense of belonging with in-depth characters.

      Also another thing I’m craving to see in Skyrim is camping. What good is a forester If he can’t set-up his own camp in the wilderness??? 

  • Dynasty2201

    I see no reason why I would pay for DLC when mods are out there for full quests made by the community.

    Wars in Skyrim mod is awesome.  It adds heroic characters, extra patrols, extra creatures to fight, bosses, and you can choose what difficulty they spawn in.  You can choose if they match your level or are much harder etc.

    There are dragon mount mods.

    Different skins, different textures, a killmove/cam mods with extra animations, extra weapons (you can even get LOTR weapons etc), and there’s…

    Oh wait, you’re a console player?


    Ahh, my laugh of the day.

    I hope console players get no DLC now.  Anyone who chooses the console version over the PC version is just crazy.

    • mb82

      You’re a sad, pathetic, small minded little man.

    • Seanmcgill17

      I would always pick console over pc. Pc is good but I love how I have my friend list right in front of me so as to ask what they are doing in skyrim, always loved controller for consoles over mouse and keyboard and to make skyrim on pc worthwile you would need to buy a high end graphics card. I also agree with mb82! 

    • Rexmcgyile

      Because everyone can afford that 1-3 thousand price tag of a good computer, when all a console owner has to do is buy the console for 300$? You’re just a stuck up @$$.

      • Strobeffect

         You’d be surprised at how much console players throw $60-$180 a month on games these days…
        Adding just $60 a month for two years adds up to $1,440 US dollars, which then will give you a decent computer with a mid to high-end graphics card depending on your build. I only purchase games that seem worthy of buying and have excellent replay value, all other games can kiss my “@$$”.

    • Adamsw74

      Just because you are an ID10T does not mean the rest of us feel that way about people with consoles.  In fact, I have a PC version as well as a console version because it is easier to monitor what my kids do on the console then the computer.  There is no reason that at least some of what we can get to do now on the PC should not be able to be experencied by those that have a console restriction.  It just makes you look more and more like an @$$ to most of us.

    • Nolanyoung

      not everyone can afford a $2000 gaming computer, so a console is more available to the general public. plus mods take away from the true game, and Bethesda’s version of the elder scrolls world.

    • Chriskid9000

       Ha you play PC what are you 30?