New MacBook Pro to release with unconventional design

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 13, 2012

It has been interesting to watch the design changes for MacBooks over the last couple of years, and seeing not only hardware change but also the weight of a device that looked sleek from its original debut. The new MacBook Pro for 2012 is likely to be an unconventional design, and take Apple in a new direction far from the traditional MacBook Pro design.

Apple shouldn’t do anything too radical and drive away fans – Apple has a good record with keeping their fans happy, but any design that changes things too much could upset a few MacBook Pro users. I’d like to see Apple bring in a new lighter MacBook Pro and also make changes in stages, rather than another MacBook Air, which is already available to buy. It would be interesting to see how they can launch a thinner MacBook Pro that is not too similar to the MacBook Air offerings?

The latest Apple rumors point to welcomed enhancements – towards the end of last year we heard that the 2012 MacBook Pro display could bring something really special, which could include a resolution of 2880 × 1800 with a release date somewhere in the second half of this year. Seeing what Apple did with the new iPad resolution it’s obvious that they’re focused on increasing display quality, and setting new standards in each industry, so they’d want a resolution that is the highest among laptops if possible.

This article has looked at the idea of Apple discontinuing the MacBook Pro line, which is understandable considering the differences between MacBook Air’s and Pro’s has been confusing for buyers. Some analysts believe that limiting the choice for buyers, especially with those that love what the MacBook Pro stands for, might cause a revolt among Apple fans and drive some away to Windows although being a MacBook Air user I find this hard to believe. The idea of going back to Windows after spending so long with Apple seems like a nightmare, would you agree?

It’s easy to understand what is good about the MacBook Air after using one for so long, but Pro’s have advantages as well and Apple would need to introduce some hardcore improvements with new MacBook Air models, if they decide to discontinue the MacBook Pro as suggested by the above article.

What separates Apple from other brands? There are plenty of Apple haters around and each has an opinion on why you wouldn’t want to move to Apple, but you cannot deny the success the brand has had to become one of the most successful brands ever. You only need to look at worldwide sales on all their products for this understanding, but what does Apple know and do that other brands don’t? You should head over to this article that lists a Q&A with Sir Jonathan Ive, also known as the man behind many of Apple’s products when it comes to design. He gives a little insight into why other brands get it wrong.

Should Apple release a new Apple MacBook Pro in 2012, and if not why? We heard from a number of our readers towards the end of last year, and they stated a need for a new 17-inch MacBook Pro but there hasn’t been much in the way of rumors since, and Apple is certainly not giving anything away at this time. Thunderbolt is a feature that is new and needs more support with accessories although we expect this year to bring just that, and while the new MacBook needs a range of ports not everyone agrees on what is needed.

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  • Par London

     I have decided to switch over to a Mac (I have been a pc user for over 25 years so this is a big change) and have been wondering whether to wait for the next release ebfore taking the plunge.  I am keen to retain CD functionality (my wife prefers CD’s to mp3) so if the integrregated burner is going to disapear then I may well change now.  As I am not a big gamer I dont see the enhanced graphics as a big issue.  Is there anything I am missing?

    • Doug

      the new intel chips may be something you like. And external Optical drives will be an option as well if Apple goes for the “No optical drive approach”. I think this is a smart idea seeing as a great majority of the space taken up in any laptop is the optical drive. And most users dont use it often.

      • Paul

         Thanks Doug.  I think I will wait but I just hope it is soon as I want to get rid mof my old PC.

  • Will

    I think the hush hush approach from Apple isn’t the best way to go when releasing a new product, surely making any future product changes or upgrades public would spur the thoughts from current mac users enabling apple to tailor around the users needs, not what they think you need or want. Im sat with an old macbook pro wanting to upgrade as its getting on but would be really annoyed if i shelled out 1500 to find out it was outdated a month later by a hidden release.

    • Par Reynolds

       I agree with you Will but commercially they have no choice.   As soon as they announce the upgrade sales of the old machine would cease.  Possibly more importantly sales of other brands would reduce and in all liklihood Apple could find themselves at the wrong end of some big lawsuits.

  • tspx23

    lol at this article and at apple. this is the exact reason why i moved away from OSX. apple ties you down so hard, if they come out with something that doesn’t 100% meet your needs you can’t do a thing about it, you are forced to buy it. 

  • Bob

    I want to stay on Macbook Pro. Sorry, the wafer thin thing doesn’t do anything for me. The larger hard drive and DVD burner does.

    • Clay

      Dvd burner will be pulled this next release apple sees no need for a cd player/dvd/blue ray player they want to take it out to make it thiner. They will just sell it as an accessory like the Airs. Thats what a lot of rumors are saying and the rumors were pretty close for the new iPad.    

      • I thinking of waiting for the 2012 but i heard they not making 17in ones and i need that so 2011 i guess..but i did hear the screen was gonna be like the ipad3 but its not that serious tho i think (0_o)

        • Doug

          They will definitely make a 17 inch. Apple understands that there is the every day consumer and also the professional user. So this means that things like the Mac Pro and high end MacBook Pros are here to stay. They have to tailor to their high end customers just as much as the average every day people. That was Steve Job’s demand when he came back to apple. So if Apple is to keep with Job’s view they will keep things like the Mac Pro and the Macbook pros that are for the high end user. 

          Trust me bro. I am in the same boat since i am looking at picking up a Macbook Pro this summer that is 17 inches and decked out to the 9.