iPhone 4S with iOS 5.1 equals less battery problems

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 13, 2012

Now that we’ve had the iOS 5.1 update installed on our iPhone 4S for a number of days, we thought it’s time to report our findings when it comes to battery life. We’re sure there are a number of people that never had problems with battery life on the iPhone 4S, but thousands have had issues and this includes 3 of the 4 models in our office.

The iOS 5.1 update has reportedly fixed over 80 security issues, which can be seen in a full report here on the official website. The patch notes have also pointed to a fix for battery life, but it wont be the first time this has been promised and failed, so we thought it would be important to report that Apple has made a lot of progress with the latest update.

Before installing iOS 5.1 the battery would lose nearly half of its juice on standby overnight, and since installing the update we can confirm a loss of fewer than 15% each evening. This is a massive difference and while not as good as the figures stated on Apple’s website, it’s a vast improvement.

Not all iPhone 4S setups are equal – while it’s strange that 4S models are experiencing massive differences in battery life, it has been shown that the same setup can give varied results in such a way that it had to be software related and not hardware in most cases. Apple has proven this with the latest update, which made a lot of users happy after suffering with issues since buying an iPhone 4S.

There will always be problems and this can be seen right now in the Apple forums, which show users complaining of iCloud draining their battery really fast and then other users are reporting no issues. It has amazed us that some people claim the 4S battery to be better than iPhone 4, which under our tests on a number of models has shown the opposite.

Did iOS 5.1 install without problems for you, and how is your battery life on the iPhone 4S model since installing the latest update? The results might be different for each user, but we can confirm this update increased battery life for most iPhone’s. We’d love to hear your experience with iOS 5.1 and especially related to battery life, so feel free to share a comment below.

The story about iPhone 4S battery problems – Just a few days after the iPhone 4S launched in the UK one of our editors noticed extremely bad battery life, and this stuck around after giving iOS a fresh install. Then a few days after we posted our findings it became obvious this was a major problem affecting thousands of 4S owners, but the battery life issue had not been fixed in an update (iOS 5.0.1) that Apple claimed would help battery life. Although many months on it looks like those suffering are now enjoying much better battery life thanks to iOS 5.1, but we should point out that not every 4S owner had issues to start with.

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  • Bojilovvesselin

    Same here!My IPhone 4 battery was fine with IOS 5.0.1
    Now it is worse with IOS 5.1 .I am very sorry that have done the update.

  • Gnlsn1961

    My. My battery was fine with 5.01 but is very bad with 5.1 – way to go Apple – I used to think Microsoft was bad but Apple can’t get anything right and has gotten worse since their God has passed

  • Lonnie Fowler

    My iPhone 4s battery life is significantly worse since the iOS 5.1 update.  It drains as much as 20% in 60-90 minutes with no active use and no apps running in background.

  • Krobin

    I had no major issue with my battery life prior to the 5.1 update.  But since the update the battery life is draining down to nothing with an 8 hr spand with very minimal use.  A few texts messages only.  Plus my reception has gotten terrible since the update as well.

  • Mia

    Since I updated my 4s to iOS 5.1 my battery goes from 100% to 0% in less than 24 hours, and no programs are running. Before the update I had no problem…

  • Zactu

    iPhone 4S with all locations services on, push email and wifi. Battery increased by about 50-70%. 

  • James Ledonne

    Just updated 5.1 today. My phone was charged at 100% at 1pm. Now at 5:15 pm its at 58%!! Haven’t even made a call texted or surfed the net. I has no problem before and now it’s horrible. Wish I could go back to the way it was. I hope this can be fixed. This update is terrible.

    • Jeff

      Same as me,

  • As long as we expect more from our phones then just being a phone we will always be in the midst of a battery war. As long as demand forces smaller and thinner phones this is our lives as consumers. Personally i would rather have a fatter phone with a bigger battery

  • Nick Sopp

    Updated to 5.1 no issues before update now battery life terrible not a happy bunny.

  • Iluvyourtruck

    My phone used to go 2 days without charging. Now I am going to red within 14 hours with at least 8 of those hours on standby.

  • lampshadecollar

    My iPhone 4S battery was completely fine before, but is now TERRIBLE after the 5.1 update. Has made my love affair with the phone go extremely south!!

    • Ahole


    • Tferg117

      My 4S had issues after the 5.1 update but I held down the power and home button and did a soft reset and restarted my phone and I believe that has corrected the issue.