Forget Black Ops 2 beta, Zombie campaign needs to happen

By Alan Ng - Mar 13, 2012

The last we heard about the elusive Black Ops 2 game, listings were appearing all over Amazon before Activision seemingly pulled the plug. Now though, we have a new piece of information to give you which may tease a possible zombies campaign mode in the game.

A video is currently doing the rounds on YouTube which apparently shows an off-cam peek at a secret Black Ops 2 beta which is going on internally. The video certainly looks like the real thing, but obviously there’s no guarantee that it is genuine at this moment in time. What we can say is that Activision are already trying to remove the video from YouTube, so maybe there is a possibility that this could be real.

Assuming that the video is real, then we have just had confirmation that Treyarch are planning to add a zombie campaign mode to Black Ops 2. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? We’re guessing that you’ll now be able to participate in various levels and tasks in a brand new storyline – who knows, it may even follow on from the events of previous zombie maps with the four main characters Takeo, Richtofen, Nikolai and Dempsey and Samantha.

However, one dubious piece of evidence seen in the video is a category on the main menu screen which reads ‘Feedbacks’. This is the apparently the first category available on the menu screen, which seems particularly odd – why would feedback be top of the list ahead of a campaign and multiplayer modes?

This could well turn out to be a well made fake, but we obviously hope it’s real. A zombie campaign mode sounds like a fantastic idea and a great way to keep the most popular aspect of Treyarch’s Call of Duty games fresh for everyone. With the authenticity of the video aside, let us know your initial thoughts behind a zombie campaign mode in Black Ops 2. Do you have any ideas for Treyarch on a storyline and features?

The background on Black Ops 2: Activision has been trying to keep Black Ops 2 under wraps for as long as possible it seems. They may be looking to hold out until E3 2012, but a domain registered in January for first alerted gamers about a possible sequel. We then had the huge leak from Amazon France about the game which was soon removed, followed by this alleged video appearing to suggest that beta testing is already under way. We also offered our thoughts on the game via a discussion on stopping power, while you also gave us some fantastic feedback on the kinds of things you want to see in the next edition of zombies.

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  • Major Faucher

    I want zombie maps!!!

  • Ktm153

    this will be th best

  • Deaddragon97


  • Plasmarain

    If the supposed video is legitimate and that is actually footage of a BO2 beta, the feedback button makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Since it’s a beta? That was the first thing that came to mind and I wouldn’t think a feedback section would be included in the finished game. And to the guy who wanted preds, tanks, etc in zombies… wtf? seriously..

  • Redjellyninja

    pause the vid and read some of the supposed code. why is there references to google? FAKE.

  • Ieightmyfriends

    Looks fake to me and zombies is fun but i dont know why everyone is having a holy cow about a zombies game. Treyarch can do everything they want to mix things up but it will still be the same old reptive game mode its always been. Play zombies the whole summer and see how you feel once fall is here Maybe if treyarch added like predator missles and tanks or minigun turret mounts then maybe it would be fun

  • Laureniscool112

    Please, for the love of everything good in this world, let this be real!

  • Jerkk.___-.

    First, & Yes You Fuckinq Trolls iWant A Cookie Can You Tell You Grandma To Makee Some. Much Thanks.

    Lookinqq Forward For This Game To Comeout Its Goinqq To Blow Loads All Over The World. X)