BF3 needs Close Quarters DLC, Ziba Tower a breath of fresh air

By Alan Ng - Mar 13, 2012

Last week EA and DICE unveiled three new expansion packs for Battlefield 3 which will be coming to consoles and PC during the course of the year. Two of the packs, Armored Kill and End Game remain a mystery, but now we have the first solid details as well as the world premiere trailer for Close Quarters, which will be available to buy in June.

If you haven’t heard anything about Close Quarters, allow us to give you a quick recap. As you can imagine by the name ‘Close Quarters’, this expansion pack will offer a different Battlefield 3 experience, offering four smaller maps with no vehicles and indoor combat instead of outdoors like we see on the game at the moment.

EA has given us the first piece of gameplay and revealed that the map shown will be known as the Ziba Tower map. We have read plenty of complaints from many of you who are worried that the maps are going to be too ‘COD-like’, but actually after seeing the first piece of gameplay, we respectfully disagree.

The action looks very intense and seeing close quarter gameplay like this feels like a breath of fresh air for the game, after playing so many outdoor maps. Don’t forget that the Close Quarter pack is the first of three packs to release this year – after Close Quarters is out, DICE will then focus on Armored Kill which will bring the game back to its roots with yet more weapons, one new unannounced vehicle and even more assignments to work through and unlock.

Close quarters will also introduce new weapons, one of which we’ve spotted in the video as the ACW-R rifle – can you see any more? DICE has also placed a heavy emphasis on the new destruction elements in Ziba Tower and we love the new vertical style of gameplay as well – that’s right, you’ll be able to take to multiple floor levels and fire off RPG rockets to victims below if you wish. It all looks pretty awesome in a nutshell.

If you are excited about picking this up, it is out in June on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, although PS3 will get the pack one week early due to Sony’s timed exclusive with EA – the same process as how Back to Karkand released. As for price, nothing is official yet but we expect this to come in at $15 – for four new maps, 10 new weapons, dog tags and assignments to unlock, this doesn’t seem like a bad price to us.

We look forward to the next gameplay reveal with great anticipation. Give us your thoughts on the first look at Ziba Tower and your expectations on the new close quarter gameplay. Do you welcome this drastic change to Battlefield or not?

Don’t make the same mistakes twice DICE: When Back to Karkand released in December on PS3, DICE inexplicably released the content with two major weapon bugs, which have only just been fixed up now – four months later. That is pure laziness either way you look at it, so we hope Close Quarters releases without the same problems.

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  • Ken Reinertson

    Of all the websites reporting this Close Quarters DLC this is the only one to mention 4 maps with the DLC. All others have only reported it as the CQ DLC and showed that one map in the video. Where are you getting your info that there are 4 maps with this DLC? Just curious if you know something no one else either knows or reported. Thanks.

    • Paranoid_picture

       if you wernt such a moron when watching the trailer it says 4 new CQ maps.

      • Ken Reinertson

        Thank you for your kind and considerate reply. I was afraid all people on the internet were asses.

  • smarterthenyou

    spas 12 was not in that video , most of the weapons you have mentioned came with karkand , the l86a1 was in karkand , the only weapon there that is new was the acw-r you are wrong ! 

    • it was in the trailer in the begining when you see that soldier pass by when the message “the battlefield moves INDOORS on 4 new maps” that soldier is holding the spas-12

    • oh and you get the l85a2 in bf3 back to karkand this dlc comes with the l86a1 which is an LMG

  • I have no interest in such a lame map pack. 

  • Tothrolandd

    ACW-R, MTAR-21, SPAS-12, L86A1, AUG, SCARL-L, LSAT. The other 3 not shown in the trailer.