Stunning PS4, Xbox 720 graphics potential with CryEngine 3

By Alan Ng - Mar 12, 2012

Nobody knows for sure what the true potential of next generation consoles will end up looking like, but Crytek has given everyone an amazing glimpse of what kind of graphics quality we may be seeing when the Sony PS4 and next Xbox finally release.

The company are obviously famed for their Crysis and Far Cry titles, with their latest effort Crysis 2 arguably one of the best looking games on consoles at the moment. Now though, the company has given the public an exact idea of what they have been working on following on from Crysis 2, as they appeared at the recent GDC 2012 event in San Francisco to give everyone a glimpse of their next-generation CryEngine 3, which will power the company’s upcoming releases over the next few years.

To say their tech demo is impressive is probably not doing Crytek justice. There was one particular moment in the clip shown of their next generation character models, which featured a male face amusingly bearing a resemblance to Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer. That aside, the amount of realism shown in the face was nothing short of mindblowing, as was the new tessellation effects that the CryEngine 3 will bring to the table as well.

Skyrim fans will enjoy this video for sure as well, as there’s another segment from the clip which suggests that Crytek could do a fantastic job on an open-world Bethesda style game as well. CryEngine 3 has been developed for games on existing hardware, but there’s no doubt that some of the visuals seen in the video could find their way onto next generation hardware from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo as well.

Check out the clip below for yourself and let us know what you think of it – We’re dying to find out who composed the music that Crytek used as well, so if you know who it is be sure to let us know! Do you think the CryEngine 3 could be the most impressive games engine seen so far, or did the recent Quantic Dream tech demo of Kara win you over more?

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  • yourownfaith25

    truly amazing graphics… thing is tho.. idk if ppl have noticed but when you play a game and see background characters or even your character! they seem to look like 8inch action figures.. the movement, the way they look and talk just seems like a ken doll… i hate that so much.. if you play max payne 3 it shows big time.. things like that matter to a gamer or at least it matters to me.. i hope they can fix that with the next-gen consoles

  • Sam

     What an age we live in.. Fully realistic and 3d. Coming soon You FEEL the bullets as they pass through your character! So how will it handle lag?

  • NgTurbo

    Has anyone figured out the music yet?

  • Spencerbissix

    IS A PS4 OUT !??????????

    • Vminiscalco91

      it says it was developed for existing hardware, ps3 xbox 360 and wii u, but its possible they will use this for next generation as well, the graphics of the ps3 arent even close to being maxed, and halo 4 is supposed to max out 360

      • Y2jbarrett

        uncharted 3 maxed out the ps3

    • Ebuenano

      yes don’t you know everyone has them in china

      • NgTurbo

        ha..good one

  • Brian

    First….To own ps4!!!! 😀