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Phantasy Star Online 2: First full PC cross-platform game on Vita

While some of you may be feeling pretty disappointed after the hype surrounding Sony’s PS Vita Game Heaven event a few days ago, one big title that should have caught your attention is Phantasy Star Online 2.

If you were a big fan of the franchise that became famous on the SEGA Dreamcast, you will have probably known that the sequel was only thought to be coming to the PC next year. Now though, we have confirmation that the PS Vita will also get a version and we’re hearing that the portable version will also have cross-platform features with the PC version as well.

SEGA has hinted on the possibility of being able to play the same character on both Vita and PC platforms and support for both handheld and PC players to use the same online servers will be available as well. It is a bit disappointing that we have to wait a whole year for this to come out, but according to SEGA it is only 10% complete on Vita at the moment.

On the plus side, SEGA has shown off some initial gameplay from PSO2, which they say has been taken from the PC version. It is all looking rather good, but we will wait until we see some realtime Vita footage before making our minds up on this one. A full online-only game for the Vita is certainly an interesting prospect as well, for those of you that picked up the 3G version. Will players be able to use data to play this away from home, or will SEGA restrict this to just a WiFi connection only?

Ok, it’s not Final Fantasy Type-0 HD like we had all hoped, but it’s a pretty good second best right folks? Check out the gameplay below and let us know your initial reaction to this game. Is this easily a day one buy for you or not?



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