iPhone Daylight Savings time bug hits again in 2012

By Gary Johnson - Mar 12, 2012

Last week along with the announcement of the new iPad, Apple revealed the availability of the latest operating system, iOS 5.1. Despite the recent update it seems some iPhone users have been hit with the dreaded Daylight Savings bug again in 2012.

A few hours ago in the US the clocks moved forward at 1:59 am to 3:00 am, and it seems that again some users have had issues with their iPhones. This problem rears its head every time there is a change with the clocks, and it also affects users in Europe as well, with residents in the UK due to move to British Summer Time later this month.

Now a number of readers have contacted Tuaw and reported that their iPhones went back an hour instead of leaping forward, which means the automatic adjustment of the time zone, went wrong again. One iPhone owner in Arizona that is an area that doesn’t really observe DST saw his device gain an hour.

To get around the problem many owners set a back up alarm just in case, and restarting the device can normally rectify the problem, or by turning the automatic time zone setting on and off. There is also the chance that many users that experienced the problem may still be running older versions of the iOS software.

This is an issue that has been affecting the handset for years now, and while many users have no trouble at all, it can be frustrating for the iPhone users that do have problems with the clocks changing each year. Did your iPhone re-adjust the time correctly?

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  • Joe Rossiter

    My time said 6:43 this morning but it was 7:10 so I was late up. I visually saw it change then to 7:11 so it skipped my alarm. Good job I didn’t have a flight this morning. I went out and got a good old fashioned alarm clock as I can’t afford this to happen. Joe. Ireland.

  • Trudi

    I’m in the UK, and after the clocks went forward yesterday morning, my iPhone 4 set itself forward another hour this morning! This meant that when my alarm went off at 6am it was actually only 5am (and only 4am in “real” time). In addition, my phone set the date back to yesterday!! Wtf?! Has this happened to any other 4 users, or was I just really unlucky?

  • guest

    unreal……. in this day and age when we rely on our smart phones very heavily,  companies just cant seem to fix the little but BIG bugs….  uuuugghhhh

  • I live in Arizona and though my time did not change on my phone my recurring reminders shifted to an hour earlier.

  • Yyy

    iPhone 3G, iOs 4.1, EST, time change was correct, however, alarm is going off an hour early and then now is not going off at all!!!! How do I fix this?

  • Paul

    I had the same problem, alarm didn’t comeup as well.

  • Bellllipn

    My Iphone 4s (on 5.0.1   9A405) time did NOT change I had to manually restart the phone for the correct time to display.  Time zone is correct and set to automatically change but did not.  You think with all the software upgrades a simple daylight savings bug can be fixed. That is unless Apple thinks this bug and  having “flash” are miniscule perks to have.  

  • Guest

    Original Iphone did not leap forward. Turned off & back on & time did not change. So frustrating. Running 3.1.2 firmware.

  • Valval

    I have the same problem. I set up my recurring alarm at 6.30 and it went on one hour earlier. How can I solve this problem? Please help me!

  • Liltosie01

    Oh yea and it’s an iPhone 4s

  • Liltosie01

    My iPhone changed fine except since the update it seems to be having a bug and randomly shuts on and off

  • Lori

    I have an iPhone 3G and the time didn’t change at all for me.  It only worked if I turned off the set time automatically button.  Turning the phone on and off seemed to remedy the problem.

  • Kelsey93092

    Mine went back an hour then I reset it and it went back and forth from one to three until it finally settled on three.

  • I have an iPhone 4, iPad 2, Macbook pro they all change time just fine!! EST, No problem with an alarm clock.

  • Billmcpro

    Neither my iphone nor macbook changed time correctly.  Still one hour behind.

  • Mad Kevo

    I am in CET and my alarm this morning was delayed by about 25 minutes. I then decided to check when the DST began in the uS, what a big surprise it was yesterday. And no, I did not hit snooze!

    • Narhi

      Central time also for me. The actual time on the iPhone did advance the 1 hour it was suppose to at 2am Sun but my issue was alarms set went off an hour before the set time!! Was woken up at 2:30am this morning instead of 3:30am. AMde new alarm for 4:00am which never went off!!! WTF, “Second-Largest U.S. Company by Market Capitalization” company in US can’t even keep track of time properly.