Halo 4 bug and glitch concerns over lack of beta

By Alan Ng - Mar 12, 2012

If you were looking forward to trying out the new Halo game before deciding whether to buy it, it looks like you’re in for a major disappointment. 343 Industries, the developers for the game have just confirmed that there will be no multiplayer beta for Halo 4.

We’re pretty surprised by this decision as well. Given that this is the first Halo game without famed developers Bungie, you would presume that there’s a lot of pressure on the shoulders on 343 Industries to deliver a game with the same caliber of the previous games in the franchise, especially since Halo 4 will see the glorious return of Master Chief.

As most of you know, there was beta testing for the last two Halo games, but 343 Industries has already confirmed that they will not be following on with the trend for Halo 4. It now means of course that they run the risk of releasing a game that may come littered with bugs, bugs which could have been spotted by the community with the use of beta testing.

Obviously there isn’t an argument yet since the game is nowhere near completion, but we wouldn’t like to be in the shoes of 343 Industries if they release the game and then weeks after face a barrage of criticism over bugs and glitches because they didn’t put the effort in to bring out a beta.

On a side note, you may want to pay attention to the wave of fake Halo 4 beta websites that are in circulation at the moment which claim to offer free codes into the said beta. Now that 343 Industries has made the news official, we should now see a reduction in these sort of websites appearing, but we’d hate to imagine the number of Xbox 360 users that have already been duped.

What are your thoughts on the lack of beta for Halo 4 – are you surprised by this decision from 343 Industries? Halo 4 releases during the Holiday season this year.

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  • I am actually happy about this.  Betas are great for massive games that needs to get stability within multiplayer/campaign environments via lots of active players simultaneously playing.  But really it seems that betas kind of spoil a game’s element of surprise.  Halo Reach was great but I lost a little bit of the excitement when I played the beta, because I then knew what I’d see in a matter of months and it was no longer a mystery.  343 can create a very stable and very functional game.  Developers have done it all throughout gaming history, and they can certainly do it now.  They’ve got internal testers to make sure it comes out polished and without bugs.  Have some faith people.  Enjoy the build up to the main event.

  • Master Bates

    I present to you fine potatoes.

  • Antwanndixon

    there shud at least be a demo like mass effect 3 beta and demos helps me choose the game or not

  • Youngscrips

    You guys are all corny. Why would a public individual care about a private beta? If its not a public beta then the news is irrelevant, duh. Smh

  • Incredulous person.

    There will be a beta, just not a public one. They’re never, ever going to release a game that’s been tested by no-one. Think about it before jumping to such ridiculous headlines.

    • Fra1z3r

      It is common sense to know that the article means a public beta. So, take that into account before replying with such ridiculous conclussions and criticism.   

      • conor rynne

        where is it mentioned in the article that they are referring to the public beta. RTFA before coming up with such assumptions