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New 3rd generation iPad heading towards UK doors

Trying to get an order into Apple on the same day as the new 3rd generation iPad released had been a task in itself, which some people in the UK decided to wait until the following day hoping that shipment dates wouldn’t change. We tried on the same evening of the keynote and found the US Apple Store up much sooner than the UK, although pre-orders did start to be taken after an hour or so.

Our readers that decided to get Apple’s latest iPad would be happy to know their order was secured before the release date slipped by a few weeks/days, which is currently at 2-3 weeks in the UK and March 19 in the United States, although this is pretty normal for new Apple products thanks to their popularity with fans.

Today we’ve had a shipment notification for our review model, which has also been the same for a number of PR readers. You can see the image above that shows our order that had been placed on March 8 is heading towards our UK office already, and they “expect” the order to be with us by the official release date.

Have you received a shipment notification from Apple yet for your new iPad? It’s unusual for Apple to deliver products before the official launch date, although this has been known before. The early shipment notification shows that the new iPad’s could be coming from China directly to doors around the world.



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