BF3 custom servers for PS3, Xbox 360 may cost $300 per year

The announcement of three new expansion packs for Battlefield 3 was surely news to celebrate, but there was also one major announcement for console players – confirmation from DICE that you’ll soon be able to rent and create custom private servers on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

If you play the PC version, you’ll know that this feature has been available from launch and it obviously gives a lot more freedom to PC players and lets them decide what kind of specific features they want added or restricted on a particular map.

Now this is coming to console very soon and now means that console players can pay to set up private servers, which will come in very handy for clan battles and for moments when you just want to play without certain weapons – such as the USAS + frag combo which seems to be running riot at the moment on maps like Operation Metro and Grand Bazaar.

EA hasn’t disclosed specific information on the custom server feature for console yet though, such as price or when it will be available for use. Since these are private servers though, they’ll be hosted by independent companies like on PC, so we could already have an indication on how much console players will have to cost.

Take GameServers for example, they offer private servers for Battlefield 3 on PC starting at just under $20 USD a month for a 16 player server without Ventrilo. We’re guessing that voice prices won’t be included in the console private servers so for those of you that are looking to rent a 24 player public server for one year, you are looking at around $300 for the year. This isn’t too bad if you are in a clan at the moment and divide the cost between your members, so this could be an option for a lot of you.

This is just a rough idea of course, we’ll have to wait and see what the official prices will be once EA release further details. Would you be willing to cough up a small fee in order to customize BF3 servers to your liking? One example which you could do is just set up an aircraft only server, with jets and choppers enabled only, which could be quite fun for unique challenges.

Let us know what you intend to do with your server if you rent one.



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