New iPad 4G data plans reasonable on AT&T, Verizon

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2012

You have just seen the announcement of the brand new iPad from Apple, and for a company first, Apple has finally given what consumers have been craving for a long time – 4G LTE connectivity support.

That’s right, we didn’t see the iPad 3 or the iPad HD name that had been rumored to death prior to release, but we did see a device which has now been officially branded as ‘The New iPad’. With the name aside, the specs match up to those prior to release but we’re going to focus on the 4G LTE side of things and just how much 4G LTE data plans are going to cost you on either Verizon or AT&T.

If you are looking for the outright cheapest 4G LTE option for the new iPad, then you’ll probably want to go for AT&T. They will be offering the device with a 250MB 4G data plan for $14.99 a month, the cheapest option that Verizon has available is 2GB per month for $30. Mid range data plans will get you 3GB for $30 on AT&T, or 5GB a month on Verizon for $50. The chart we’ve included below displays 2GB for $30 on AT&T, but actually this is meant to be 3GB, so AT&T actually has a better deal than Verizon here.

However, Verizon will offer the largest package available if money is no issue for you. For no less than $80 a month, you’ll be able to enjoy 10GB a month of 4G LTE data which is basically an unlimited option if you don’t go crazy on it. The biggest data bundle that AT&T has is 5GB, which will cost you $50 a month.

Don’t forget that there will no long 12 month contracts to sign for any of the 4G LTE data bundles, so you can opt out at any time should you wish. If you’re just after simple email and web browsing on the go, then that 250MB option for $14.99 on AT&T does sound pretty reasonable.

What carrier are you going to choose for the new iPad – AT&T or Verizon? Does it simply come down to the best price for you, or 4G LTE coverage as well?

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  • shockme

    I can burn through 10 GB in less than a week watching streaming video. 

  • Thanks for the information you provided above.

  • mjoecups

    This site is called PR after all…

  • Anon

    Reasonable?! Pshya, right. When was the last time you really used an iPad to its fullest potential? It’s unreal how easy it is to burn through that many gigs in as little as a week. All of these plans are unreasonable, and the bull excuse they use about “data hogs” is outrageous. There’s nothing reasonable about how hard we’re getting pounded by carriers for data rates. Why don’t you go ahead and stop trying to pass the brainwashing on to us with your uninformed excuse for journalism?