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School II looks great in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

If there is one game that we are really looking forward to playing this year, or should we say looking forward to revisiting, it’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD. The game is looking very good indeed and we now have some new screenshots to show you of one map that a lot of you will be very familiar with.

As most of you will be aware, the game isn’t just a port of the classic original games, but rather a complete remake using a new engine which will take the best content from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1,2 and three. As expected, most of your favorite maps will be returning as well, including The Hangar, Venice Beach and School II – the latter of which we now have the first screenshots on – and boy does it bring back some great memories.

The bell rings, you wait to hear what soundtrack will be played as you try and complete as many tasks as you can in two minutes – we remember it as if it was yesterday. Getting that secret tape was a little tricky at first as well, so we wonder if Activision will leave all the items in their original places, or if they will be giving School II a complete revamp. As long as the outlook of the level stays the same, we’re definitely up for some brand new gaps and tasks to complete.

The new screenshots that Activision has released look fantastic, especially the one which you can see above. We remember that particular rail was one of the three roll call gaps to complete – will Activision keep some of the famous gaps such as this in tact? School II and Venice Beach were easily our two most favorite maps from THPS2, let’s hope that Venice Beach is the next area to be unveiled in HD.

Are you looking forward to picking up this game? Let us know some of your memories from School II.

UPDATE: Well what do you know. Tony Hawk has just revealed the first gameplay for the game in a short clip, and it looks fantastic. Even better is that the gameplay shown is largely taken from the School II level as well – those SKATE letters and the secret tape are back! Check it below.



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