Facebook down, not on a global scale

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 7, 2012

We’ve just been informed by a number of our readers that they tried to login to Facebook and found it’s down, which has also been confirmed by trying to access their website directly. The social network also has widgets that display like buttons, faces and more, which are also not working at the time of writing.

It seems that Facebook went down today within the last hour, and a social networking heading towards a billion people is sure to get noticed when its users cannot connect. Normally these problems only last a little while, so we’ll update you when things are back to normal.

We’ve tried to connect to Facebook by computer and phone, and it seems the service is down globally, which is seen thanks to forums showing posts from all around the world including Scotland, Switzerland, Romania and more. Feel free to share a comment with what country you’re from and if you can access Facebook. We’ll post an update soon about the outage, and while we’ve heard about certain hackers saying they’ll take Facebook down it isn’t expected to be the case today.

Update: We’ve just had a message from one of our editors in Hong Kong who stated they can access Facebook, although a number of our readers and contacts in Europe cannot get access, so it might not be global after all. We’ve also heard from someone in Egypt, and they said Facebook gives them a message “No DNS entry found” and have also seen reports that there is a “Service Disruption” throughout the UK and Europe.

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  • Breaking news – Facebook goes down for 2 hours, USA’s productivity increases by 240 and USA comes out of the economic recession

  • Still not working in Indonesia..!

  • T0nito

    Still not working in Portugal…

    • T0nito

       I guess it’s still intermitent, now it’s working again but it wasn’t just a minute ago…

  • Mirella Ricci

    facebook in Italy working

  • Southern England here, Facebook is working fine.

  • Neilwsa

    That should’ be read birth rate, not ‘date’. Doh.

  • Neilwsa

    Not working here in Portugal. Guess the birthdate in December will rocket now.

  • Kevinx

    Was down for a couple of hours this morning (very frustrating not knowing whether problem was with me, or server side). Seems okay now though.

  • OsaMa Hasan

    in Iraq, i tried to login but this message appears to me ” 
    No DNS entry found ” then i changed my DNS to
    and its worked again.

  • anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • Akd

    Not in India from 12:10 IST 

  • Amit

    Not in India from 13:10 IST

  • Davelewis14

    Uk up and running!

  • Davelewis14

    Just logged on in Ulva.

  • Pasan

    Still not working in Sri Lanka  (Colombo)

  • Greeneyedandgroovy

    Back up here in uk

  • Cd

    Maybe some people will start working again for real instead checking photos fromweddings they weren’t invited

  • NgTurbo

    Facebook was never down for me. Hong Kong

  • Asd

    Up in Moscow, all normal.

  • Andry

    It is up in Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Andry

    Down in Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Axel

    Up again here in Germany now 08:55

  • Devereux675

    Back on now..

  • Luciajwalker

    Look like it might be back up now.  In the UK anyway.

  • sw3

    Just started working for me in Sweden a few minutes ago. 🙂

  • Devereux675

    Have been trying for three hours and Facebook is still down.. London.

  • Facebook is down in UAE… However if you access via the app on the phone (at least on Android) it is working…

  • Pedro Pires HACETS

    Facebook isn’t working here in Portugal – Lisbon zone!

  • Dragondemonlord

    facebook is up

  • Rcrowley32

    I’m in Northern Ireland and Facebook is down. In addition, I can’t access many news websites that are talking about Facebook being down. Facebook has been down for me for nearly 3 hours.