Droid X on last legs with no Ice Cream Sandwich update

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2012

Earlier this week we revealed to you the list of Verizon smartphones that will definitely be guaranteed an update to the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. As expected though, there were some noticeable omissions from that list with the stand out phone being the popular Motorola Droid X.

For a phone that first launched in 2010, it appears that Verizon and Motorola are now preparing to stop all support for the device, officially that is. We’ve noticed that the Droid 3 is also mysteriously absent from the update list, which is a little bit strange given that they have no problems bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to the legendary HTC Thunderbolt which launched almost a year ago exactly.

You just know that the decision isn’t going to go down well with Droid X owners, and we’ve even read some feedback on Twitter from many users who say that this now basically condones the use of rooting the device in search of an unofficial update. That’s the reality Droid X owners are facing now as it is going to be the only way you ever see Android 4.0 on your device sadly.

What about the LG Revolution as well? Verizon seems to have taken care of their other 4G LTE supported devices, but it appears that there has been no love shown for the LG Revolution, a device which is only a year old. Perhaps LG and Motorola will have a change of heart and extend the Ice Cream Sandwich update rollout to the Droid X and LG Revolution as well.

If you own either of these devices, let us know how your feeling. Are you now prepared to root?

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  • HarryPags

    I’ve had the Droid X since September of 2010. I was really happy when I got the Gingerbread update and the lady at the Verizon store promised me that this phone would have updates for every OS released, for at least the next four releases. So much for trusting the Verizon store… I like the Droid X, but I’m sad it’s not getting the ICS update. I read that it’s more than capable of running the software why not just put stock ICS on all of the old phones? 

  • mePHIme

    moto lost another client. I will give my business to someone who has loyalty to their customers

  • Breadworks36

    Siri is telling me to come on over!!

  • breadtree

    I think the least they can do is provide OS updates through the 2 year period during which you’re not allowed to upgrade.

  • Scott

    Motorola has demonstrated over and over that it has no “loyalty” to owners of the Droid X.  They’ve flubbed OS updates every time and still the bugs aren’t fixed, whether they admit that they exist or not.  You have to wonder if they’re just giving up on fixing problems with a device that was simply a poor design to begin with.  Either way, they’ve lost my loyalty; I’ll never buy any Moto product again.

  • Brinson99

    I am upset to say the least. I bought my Droid X the first week it hit the market and that is less than 18 months ago. Loyalty to a brand should be met with loyalty to consumers as well. Most of the Droid X owners
     I know still have their handsets and love them. Where is the love for us?

  • Utoypia

    What about the Droid Charge??