Apple: iOS 5.1 for download today

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 7, 2012

While the Apple keynote is underway today we’ve heard from Tim Cook, Apple CEO, about the launch of iOS 5.1 and he stated that the download would be available today. While we are yet to hear about all the features included in the next iOS update, we do know that Siri is getting support for the Japanese language.

Apple has also stated about their success over the last year, which they do at every event, and this has included stats on the App Store and that it has more than 585,000 apps for you download right now. Cook explained that the their system is a “hugely profitable cycle” with some great apps being created, which then lead to more apps and increased downloads. Apple reported they sold a total of 315m iOS devices last year, which is a lot of people looking to download the iOS 5.1 update, so if you hit a few connections problems in iTunes it’s to be expected.

Some other great news is that iTunes in the cloud now supports movies, which means you can re-download any movie you’ve bought in 1080p. Do you think you will take Apple up on this free offer? You’ll be able to download iOS 5.1 in the UK/US today, although Japan will be waiting a couple of weeks longer.

If you’re connected to a WiFi network and syncing with iTunes wirelessly on iOS 5+, then your iPad or iPhone is ready and it should be pretty simple to download iOS 5.1 when it’s available. We just clicked the update button and v5.1 is not live in iTunes yet.

Update: The update is now live and also suggests it fixes bugs with battery life, so we’ll have to test v5.1 on an iPhone 4S and see if that is true.

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  • Guest

    This 5.1 update is a real disaster, my iPhone is no longer usable! 

  • I had no battery problems, ever, on my Iphone 4S well this update fixed that and for the first time ever I DO NOT HAVE GOOD BATTERY LIFE. What the heck? Give it to those of us who had none and did it fix it for those that did? I’m so ticked off

  • I don’t know how to get rid of the update, anyone have a link or directions I had NO battery problems now mine is draining faster Sigh

  • mtgc

    i can’t download the update on my iphone 🙁

  • like this fixed update