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PS Vita needs DJ MAX Portable 4, not Technika port

If you are a big fan of rhythm games and have already bought a Sony PS Vita, you are probably looking forward to the future arrival of one DJ Max Technika game, an arcade port from probably the best developer in this genre at the moment – Pentavision.

We’re a big fan of rhythmn games too. After pouring countless hours into the likes of DJ MAX Portable 1, 2, Black Square and Hot Tunes, the first appearance of a Technika game on a portable Sony console is a very big deal for DJ Max veterans.

For those of you that are not aware, DJ Max Technika is a touch version of the DJ Max series and the only way to play the game now is if you are lucky enough to live in an area where there is a DJ Max Technika arcade machine. For this reason alone, many DJ Max fans are yet to try DJ Max Technika, so the upcoming Vita release is going to be a great occassion for hardcore fans.

But we’re not 100% happy with the move – truth be told. We’re hearing that DJ Max Technika is being ported to the Vita straight from arcade, but we would rather see the Vita given a unique game that the brand new hardware deserves, and that could only come in the form of DJ Max Portable 4. DJ Max Technika is a game that is designed for touch only, but we would rather see a game that utilizes the buttons as well to mix it up a bit and give that touchscreen a bit of a rest from time to time – that screen is gorgeous after all.

We’re sure DJ Max Portable 4 is coming though, just not yet it seems. In the meantime, DJ Max Portable 3 is playable on the Vita from the US PSN store. It used to be up there for $40, but it seems the game has been given a discount and we picked it up for just $20 which is great value. The new 6.2T remix hard mode is proving to be a rather frustrating experience, but we wouldn’t have it any different.

Are you a big fan of the DJ Max Portable series? Let us know if you would rather see DJ Max Portable 4 on the Vita, rather than a port of DJ Max Technika.



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