No US release for Nokia 808 PureView

By Jamie Pert - Mar 6, 2012

Perhaps the most jaw-dropping thing we got to see at this year’s Mobile World Congress was the Nokia 808 PureView and its camera which takes photos at amazing 41 megapixel resolutions, today however we have heard some annoying news for any American wishing to get their hands on this impressive smartphone.

Engadget and multiple other sources tell us that there are no plans to release the Nokia 808 PureView in North America. Obviously this doesn’t mean that it will be impossible to get hold of, it just means you’ll probably have to import it. This means that only those with money to buy this smartphone outright will have the chance to get their hands on the 808 PureView as no US carriers will be offering it at a cheaper price as part of a two or three year agreement. Back in August last year we told you that Nokia planned to scrap Symbian smartphone launches in North America, however we must say that we thought that Nokia may have made an exception for this particular device.

There are mixed opinions about the Nokia 808 PureView at present, yes the camera is ground-breaking and could put serious pressure on the compact digital camera market, but many are put off by the software which it runs on (Symbian Belle). We want to see PureView-like technology come to Nokia’s future Windows Phone 7 smartphones instead – we don’t need 41 megapixel quality, but anything greater than the Lumia 800’s 8 megapixel camera would be a huge step in the right direction.

If you head over to Cnet you can get up close and personal with the Nokia 808 PureView, however this will probably rub salt into the wounds of any North American reading this who was hoping to get this smartphone from their preferred carrier.

Will you import the Nokia 808 PureView? Or does the potential price tag worry you? Also what’s your view on it running Symbian Belle?

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  • Nirdla Rodive

    I will import it definitely, i don’t care about the software Symbian? for all those familiar with the OS, Symbian is very good.. the most important for me is the imaging and video quality plus just be able to call and connect to the Symbian is more than enough for me.. I cant wait to see my photos and videos out of pureview!