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New iPad 3 Smart Cover and fresh LTE rumors

Tomorrow the world will get to see what the next version of the iPad will be like officially, and what new features the company has added to the device. When the last version was launched Apple reveled the neat Smart Cover that helps to protect your treasured device. Today we have news of a possible new iPad 3 Smart Cover and fresh LTE rumors.

The Smart Cover that is currently available for the iPad 2 protects the display from the rigors of life, but there are now rumors of a new version coming that will also protect the rear of the device. Sources are claiming that the new cover will be similar to the Incase Magazine Jacket according to a report on AppleInsider.

Again the case will feature the same magnetized Smart Cover to protect the front of the iPad, but will also feature a rear shell that is manufactured from fiberglass. What isn’t clear at the moment is whether this supposed new case is only meant to be used on the iPad 3 or if it will be compatible with the current model.

The clever feature has a number of magnets built-in so it can easily attach to the iPad 2 thanks to the magnets built into the tablet PC. The device also automatically unlocks and locks the screen when the Smart Cover is removed and replaced, and the microfibers on the cover will also help keep the screen clean.

Meanwhile the same source that originally tipped that Apple would be holding its special event tomorrow, has told iMore the iPad 3 will feature 4G LTE connectivity. There have been rumors about such a feature for a while now, and it seems more likely to be accurate as we get closer to the unveiling of the iPad 3.

Do you have the Smart Cover for your iPad 2?



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