Facebook Messenger first impressions & problems

By Jamie Pert - Mar 6, 2012

If you are a Facebook user you have probably used the social network’s chat functionality in the past. To say this particular feature was temperamental at times would be an understatement, that’s why we’re especially delighted to confirm that the official Facebook Messenger application for Windows has recently gone live.

You can find out everything you need to know about this new application and download it here, we just installed it on a medium-spec Windows 7 64-bit laptop and on the whole we’re impressed, that said it did crash for us on one occasion and we spotted another couple of bugs and imperfections.

Installation is pretty painless and once installed you should find the program in your computer’s start menu, once you’ve ran the app it will also show up in the notification area of your Windows UI (see below). If you right click on the notification icon you can enable / disable chat sounds, dock the application to the right hand side of the screen, open the app, exit the app, log off or access help. On widescreen resolutions the dock to the right feature is particularly impressive.

As you’d expect, to use the app you will have to sign-in with your Facebook log-in credentials, once signed in you’ll see a list of contacts to chat with (just like you see in Facebook chat when you log into the website) – also there’s a notification area which update’s just like Facebook’s ticker. Below you can see the main user interface, if you chat with someone it opens in a new window, chat with somebody else and the conversation will show in a new tab within this window.

If you minimize the application the notification icon shows a message which tells you that you’ll still see messages and notification while the app runs in the background.

Sadly there are some problems and imperfections, firstly the app once crashed for us (see below), secondly group chat doesn’t work. Other things which didn’t impress us include the fact that there’s no option to remember your log-in credentials and the fact that selecting the ‘Log in’ option from the notification icon’s context menu doesn’t work for us, it just opens a tab in our default web browser telling us that we’re trying to navigate to a website which cannot be found.

All in all we are happy with the Facebook Messenger application, however there is room for improvement which we’re sure will arrive in the near future. If you installed the app and didn’t like it you can uninstall it by following these simple instructions, there’s lots of answers to other common frequent asked questions here.

Have you tried out the new Facebook Messenger application for Windows? If so, have you experienced any problems? Are there any additional features you’d like to see? Let us know below.

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  • Larry Soubi

    ok im having a problem….i accidently clicked dock and now when i press undock it just closes and when i reopen it its in the docked position but frozen! T.T i tried uninstalling and installing again but it started out docked!!!! idk what to do!!!

  • Onikie

    same here, 
    i click “Go to Online” and nothing have change
    until i recovery my lappy,
    and it work !! but just for a while,
    it happen again 🙁

  • guest

    Why is my facebook messanger showing all the time “You are not online”?
    And when i clicko on the small gear wheel and try to go online on chat,nothing happens,it stays offline…
    Although I tried to reset the windows,open-close facebook messenger,log in-log out,still showing “You are not online”…

    • Matt Hardman

      I am having exactly the same problem, and cannot seem to figure it out :/

      • Oxus

        I have the same problem. With every day it’s get seem more and more that behind Facebook are weak programers. 

        • Blaziken

           yeah same here,
          If you try to log in a few times it should eventually work

    • Shane

      I am having this same problem, and it is exceedingly frustrating. Has anybody found a solution?