Steam Box may be perfect alternative to Sony PS4, Xbox 720

By Alan Ng - Mar 5, 2012

If you missed the huge gaming rumor over the weekend, we can tell you that it could be something pretty special if true. It has been claimed that Valve are planning to release a gaming console called the Steam Box.

This seems to have come out of nowhere, but there is little doubt that everyone is talking about it on the likes of Twitter at the moment. The Steam Box story is according to a report over at The Verge who suggest that Valve may be planning to reveal the new hardware at the Game Developers Conference, which kicks off this week in San Francisco.

Further more, The Verge has even got a potential list of specs for us to drool over, specs which were apparently discussed at CES 2012 back in January. If legit, Valve may be announcing the Steam Box with specs such as an Intel Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM and graphics from NVIDIA.

8GB of RAM sounds pretty good to us, but what would a console from Valve mean for the industry – more specifically, how would it make Sony and Microsoft feel since both companies are almost ready to announce their PS3 and Xbox 360 successors? There has always been a big gap from console to PC, but the idea of having a compact box in the living room which could handle the equivalent of Battlefield 3 on PC, may be a tempting idea for many gamers who have previously been reluctant to make the jump from console to PC.

What’s more interesting, is that this huge rumor has come days after Gabe Newell was quoted as saying ‘if we need to sell hardware, we will’. Coincidence perhaps guys, or a real indication that Valve are ready to enter the console market? Let us know your initial feelings towards a Steam box from Valve and if you would choose it ahead of the Sony PS4 and the next Xbox console. Kotaku has a image of a rumored prototype model here – well worth a look.

The idea of playing PC-quality games in the living room is an interesting one, but we would definitely like to see it happen as a fourth console option is always better than three.

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  • Gerardovega28

    If they release a new Left 4 Dead along with steam box, then I’ll definitely be buying it.

  • Dynasty2201

    Knowing Valve’s products, it would be revolutionary.  It would turn the console market upside down, shake out the crap like you do with your keyboard now and then, and undoubtedly change, more so I would argue, digital distribution on consoles. 

    If Steam was integrated into the console’s software so that it worked like it does on the PC, it would make for a great sales pitch as Steam is, frankly, EASILY the best digital distributor around in most industries, even though competition is sorely lacking for now.

    Pricing wise I would expect a similar price to, say, the new Xbox whenever that soon-to-be-door-stop gets released. 

    But Valve know gamers, and always give them what they want.  So they know what we’re willing to pay.  They are a developer, not a slobbering beast of a producer like EA or Sony where money is all they want.  And Valve have tonnes of money through customer loyalty.  They could cut all their updates, as awesomely frequent as they are, and sit back till the next game rolls out.

    Valve dont pump stuff out yearly, and they are greatly rewarded for it with almost guaranteed high sales, as they put so much passion and time into their games.  Hell, it’s been, what, 5 years since Episode 2?  They like to keep us waiting.

    If any company can do this, it’s Valve.

  • Alan

    I would argue that this gaming console masterpiece developed by Valve called the Steam Box wil be revolutionary contribution to war between the Xbox and Playstation and the Wii. I would also argue that this product may be at an extreme price which the average consumer may not be able to afford saw arm.

  • Eeeeyyyy

    is it? sick