PSN Back up, times around the world

By Jamie Pert - Mar 5, 2012

PlayStation 3 gamers are currently enduring some frustrating PlayStation Network down time while Sony carries out scheduled maintenance, if all goes to plan in total the outage will last 14 hours – so what time will it be back up for you? That’s the question which we hope to answer in this brief post.

Sony has said that the PlayStation Network should be up and running at 2am PST, therefore we thought we would tell you the times which this equates to around the world, however all the times which we mention are completely reliant on whether Sony manage to stick to the plans which they’ve pledged. So let’s get started:

If you live in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver or anywhere else which comes under the PST (Pacific Standard Time) time zone the PSN should be back up and running at 2:00am, if you’re located somewhere which falls into the Eastern Standard Time zone (places such as New York, Miami and Detroit etc) it should be once again live at 5.00am.

So that’s you folks’ in North America sorted, but what about Europe? Well London residents and everyone else in the UK should be able to access the PSN at 10.00am, carrying on east French and Spanish residents should be online at around 11.00am. Other areas which many of our readers come from include Hong Kong and Sydney, the PSN should go live in these areas at 18.00 and 21.00 respectively.

If you check out this link you can see a complete list of locations around the world and when the PSN should go live – we guess time will tell whether these turn out to be accurate, they should be as long as Sony’s work goes as smoothly as planned.

When did the PlayStation Network come back online for you? (Please remember to state where in the world you signed in from)

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  • Sco99

    back online in ontario canada!!!!!

    • Gary Makings

      back up in uk.. ahead of schedule.. piss take 14 hours tho

  • Sco99

    Anyone from ontario back online?

  • kenneth mccarns

    i tried gettin inline took me 4 hrs til i found out wat happen

  • J Larsen

    Anyone kno when it will be back up in Australia ?

  • AndrewSmith

    Back up in NYC

    • AznGamer3498

      Back up for me too here in Cali

      • Gradydunnicanjr27

        U r cool cause u r from Cali too…

  • brickzilla

    i was in the middle of a huge clan battle

  • AngryGamer

    This is really making me angry! Sunday is my only day off and I was looking forward to playing online.Do I have to go out and get an xbox as a back up?

    • Bryantp63

       no, do not, its so horrible right now, the lag is just deadly, stick with the PS3 i’m really regretting my decision…. i’d hate for you to feel the same way, just stick with PS3 and be a proud gamer! we know we have the better system obviously!!!

  • Arizek

    Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.  On a clan night no less.

  • Pst is always 3 hours behind Eastern time.

  • Aaronspeciale

    This is frequently anoying and untimly frequent. Give me a break!


      u dumbass u shuda said this is frequently annoying and annoyingly 

      ruin perfect chance for a gd line lol

  • Mailller

    This is BS, timing is obviously not thought out and Sony does give sh*t

    • Mellowsurfer

      Umm… Its a GLOBAL network & thus probably more tought out than ur capable to recognize.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    “carrying on west French and Spanish residents” … France and Spain are east of the UK…