Zombies in Black Ops 2: Ideas to make it even better

By Alan Ng - Mar 2, 2012

Although Activision are trying to keep Black Ops 2 a secret for as long as possible, it is pretty clear in the minds of all Call of Duty fans that a sequel is coming this year. Assuming that the game releases in November, we would also like to think that Treyarch will be bringing the next iteration of the hugely popular zombies mode as well.

Ah, good old zombies – are you feeling starved yet? Infinity Ward has tried to recreate the ‘survival’ experience seen in zombies with Modern Warfare 3 but it’s not really the same is it?

Gamers are hungry for even more zombie maps to play and it would be a pretty crazy decision if Treyarch didn’t announce a new zombie mode along with their game. As most of you know, the last map featured a Moon setting and it was a general cliffhanger for most seeing as there was still plenty of ways to prolong the game further.

How could Treyarch expand on zombies in Black Ops 2 to make it an instant purchase for you? We would love to see some little additions to current gameplay, such as multiple types of pack a punch weapons with each version costing more money but having greater features. We would also like to see the death machine mini gun as a main weapon, but make players earn it first by completing a certain puzzle or set of co-op challenges.

We would also like to see support for more than four players online – when are Treyarch finally going to make this a feature? Zombies is crying out for more player support, and also even more types of zombie to kill. Zombies with smarter AI would be welcome too, zombies which could jump and actually give you a real problem in-game.

More perks are also welcome, but brand new ways to kill those zombies is what we want to see. It looks like Black Ops 2 is definitely a reality as we have had another retail leak – this time coming from a major Spanish and Portugese shop. You can check out a screenshot at Eurogamer, as we won’t upload it here.

If you are getting bored of Modern Warfare 3 and want to see a new zombie mode along with Black Ops 2 this year, let us know what sort of new features and enhancements you would like to see. More of the same, or a complete revamp?

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  • rebbca andrews

    guys guys use your knife for the first two rounds to save your ammo!

  • Nitish8

    there should be a 115/mutation power up which mutates you/ 4 arms giant or faster legs

  • Nitish8

    i think there should be a perk machine, when bought, give a random attachment to ur weapons also if there is moon there should be a gravity bomb which for 30 sec the gravity everywhere will randomly change

  • Buttery Women!

    We should have something called “Buttery Women” So for example, if you kill 50 zombies without dying, you can call in about 10 buttery women that will fall and slide around and stick C4 to zombies’ balls!

    Another one is the “Fat Woman” You place this in an area and then Fat Woman go falling and bouncing all over the place crushing the zombies. This is like mortar team.

  • Ace_Riku

    Ddefinitely more players, and maybe a character selection? You could select from the 4 original, the characters from five and call of the dead, and maybe some characters from the campaign? And/or Modern Warfare characters?

    • Buttery Women!

      4 players split screen please!

  • Snoowiee

    A care package drop zone were for special actions you could earn 1 like for killing 25 zombies within 3 sec or kill 4 zombies with 1 sniper bullet and inside the care packages you could have perks and ammo refill nuke rebuild the fences/walls which zombies climb through and instant kill. For the perks and ammo each player needs to go to the care package them self and open it up. The care package disposers after each player used it once/after some time being. Like if you agree!  

  • 4dog

    A good idea would be a stun gun that would stun zombies for a short amount of time 30 seconds sounds about right. But, it would not kill them, only knock them down so you wouldent know if they were dead or alive untill they got up besides the occasional groans and twitches. But, it would take a while to charge [as in it has no ammo/reload, but it has to charge after the ‘reload’ that will actually start up the charging process.] and about 2.5-5 minutes sounds about right for that.

  • Jake “the zomb”

     Maybe after like round 30 when guns start losing power they can be upgraded again?or maybe round 40? but only for certin guns and for a whole lotta points. tomahawks are a thing id look forwards to, and jamesdean;’s idea about 4 seperate easter eggs would add to the plot of the storyline and the difficulty of the game. an ammo perkacola machine would do wonders, but again a lot of points. and because of the end of the story line make a new one that starts with sam dr maxis richtofen and the one chick that dr maxis was phiscaly attracted to. idk just ideas to start it back up.

  • YgsyegfgshjsEFh

    I throwing Knife with dynamite on it. And don’t change it too much to the point that it becomes easy. They tried to give everything the fans wanted and in return it made things easier. Don’t make it easier! Make it harder!

  • Cripper69

    what about 4 (or whatever the player number is) seperate easter eggs in 1 map, so you can get yourself perma perks without having to rely on other players

  • Jamesdean2381

    ok this is is in my mind the best one yet…a powerful katana that could be upgraded and become a jedi light saber. since it is so plowerfull i wouldnt mind using a weapon slot  like the bullistic knives. it would be seriously fun slicing through the hords!

  • Jamesdean2381

    some other ideas for the Super punch machine is mabey it could give explosive, fire, electric, or laser bullets to guns or powerfull underbarrel attachments as well as increased ammo

  • Jamesdean2381

    mabey a gun that shoots a goopy acid that slowly kills zombies but also slows them down. when upgraded effectiveness and ammo would increase. i would also like to see a weapon that is very effective like the wonder waffle or wave gun but does not need ammo instead it charges up over time mabey upgraded it charges faster or gives you more uses between charges as well as increases effectiveness

  • Jamesdean2381

    i would also like to see a drop that acts like the chickens on dead ops arcade just another gun with wings that follows you and shoots for you for 30 secs

  • Jamesdean2381

    how about a second box that has attachments and one very special wonder attachment

  • Jamesdean2381

    i thought about the 2nd pack a punch drop i mentioned earlier and it could be like a fire sale when you get it a machine will pop up i like to call it the Super Punch machine and you could upgrade a pack a puched weapon but it should cost at least 7000 

  • Jamesdean2381

    i also have an idea for a secondary granade that stops time (except for the players) for five seconds

    • rebbca andrews

      that sounds awesome[i an a male the name is not mine it is my bros moms]

  • Jamesdean2381

    mabey a power-up drop that comes after level 20 that allows you to pack a punch any gun a second time but it only lasts for 30 seconds 

  • Tray Caddy

    Weapon attachments would be awesome! Instead of a red dot or extended mags when you upgrade, you can buy whatever you can afford. And add some different sized zombies like small medium and large ones.

  • Joshua9578

    I personally think that Black Ops 2 should stick close to what made Zombies as popular as it is, even to this date. I believe there should be a more variable choice of weapons that are located on the walls throughout the levels and with that in mind, keeping the levels there already are but throwing in a few more to spice up Black Ops 2 Zombies. More depth into the story line too if possible with more juicy easter eggs for the gaming community to discover.