Mystery new PS Vita games could be system sellers

By Alan Ng - Mar 2, 2012

If you already have a PS Vita, you’re probably feeling quite good at the moment. With a ton of games already available and games like Call of Duty and Unit 13 on the way, things are only going to get better.

Sony are obviously putting a lot of effort into their new prized asset and to give you an example of this, the company has scheduled an event for March 9th where they will be unveiling brand new PS Vita games which have not been announced yet.

The event takes place via web broadcast and invites have already been sent to places like Andria Sang who have kindly translated the information for us. Aside from new Vita games being shown, we should also expect to see some brand new ‘Vita services’ which immediately gives us the impression that new apps are on the way – hooray.

Possibilities are obviously endless with what games could be arriving, but since Sony are making a big deal out of it to stage a separate event, we have a feeling that these new games could be something special indeed and may even serve as primary hardware sellers. Earlier this week we spoke about the idea of bringing Grand Theft Auto V to the Vita, but imagine if we see Capcom announce Monster Hunter for the Vita, as the invitation said that game developers will also be present during the web broadcast.

We haven’t heard anything regarding Little Big Planet for the Vita as well, which is surprising given the close ties that Sackboy and co have with the Sony brand. We wouldn’t be surprised if we see details on LittleBigPlanet, the mystery Call of Duty game and some clarity regarding remote play on the Vita with reference to Killzone 3.

Regarding apps, you may want to take a look at our previous feature here which listed some of the apps that we would like to see. We highlighted potential apps such as Spotify, a mail client, a unified instant messenger and more. However, it is far more likely that we will see Sony drop the first information on a YouTube app, as that seems to one of the key apps that is missing from the PS store at the moment.

If you are sitting with your Vita now and wondering what games could make the system even better, let us know your dream games which you want to see next. The PSP had some great Final Fantasy games tailor made for the system via Crisis Core and Type-0, and we would love to see this trend continue with the Vita.

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  • LBP

    I Never Post Anything, Anywhere. Comments – you get the picture… -But here is Some Great-Better-then- a Real Life Wishful approach:

    i wanna see this happen while i have my vita. SONY i hope You Listen To me VERY carefully If This gets To You:

    This Can Save You Money:

    Dead Rising Port

    Madworld Port

    PS Vita Exclusive Magazine

    Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Vita Edition

    ReModelling of a vita with built in Memory Reduced Price

    On the new Model and Old Models

    i think You can Do soo much More here with the vita.

    A Sega Port Called Nights INTO dreams Or even

    Nights INTO Vita.

    Sega Director: Approach Advertising of the Vita
    (Basically More Advertising) like a slogan call:

    DON’T BITE the Apple. Drop THE TREE.

    or Dream The Growth

  • BloodTorrent

    monster hunter, a dark souls sequel (or preferablly a vita exclusive franchise entry, because a multi-plat one would be bought on xbox), onmiusha (come on capcom, we need onimusha back). also, they should cancel CoD for vita, we dont want CoD fanboys buying the vita. lol.

  • Punkwaste

    Maxpain 3, Tomb Raider, GTAV, and definitely tony hawks pro skater HD

  • Sancop12268

    Sly cooper, god of war, flash for the web, batman, infamous

  • Definetly infamous and assassins creed. Maybe the New tomb raider game as well.

  • metal gear solid HD collection, Zoe enders collection, Neflix Uk, Comic Book app store 

  • Rankine95

    Assasins Creed III (Just with a little descaling of graphics)
    Definatly Infamous seeing as it is a key exclusive to PlayStation.

    Maybe a port of a sims game? Like sim city 5 which should be getting revealed next week! 😀

  • MH

    Monster hunter. That is all.

  • Kenf2210

    football manager 2012 should be ported to the vita

  • Jacarda

    Should do a Crysis port just to showcase graphics.

    Some other good system sellers:
    -From Software Title (Demon’s Souls); This alone would be a huge seller
    -Assassins Creed Game
    -Infamous Game
    -Arkham Game

    Would also like to see a port of Resident Evil 4

  • Zilla_project

    do mass effect 3 or .hack// series… ssshhhh!! shut up and take all my money!!

  • thats too cool 

  • Jerryjoseph118

    Assassins creed and bioshock info


    LBP Has already been announced for vita.

    • VitaPlayer1992

      Ikr! Idk Why he said that