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Get Bioshock Infinite on PS3 if you want exclusive bonuses

If you haven’t heard, it just got real for Bioshock fans across the world. 2K Games has slapped a solid release date on the third game in the series, Bioshock Infinite and we have reasons why you may want to pre-order the PS3 version ahead of PC and Xbox 360.

Irrational Games are the developers behind Bioshock Infinite, and they have announced on the PS Blog the PS3 exclusive features that the game will get, when it launches on October 19th, or October 16th in the US.

If you pick up the PS3 version of the game, 2K Games are bundling a free copy of Bioshock 1 on the PS3 as well on the Blu-Ray, at no extra cost. If that wasn’t good enough for you, they have also confirmed that the PS3 version will benefit from an additional gameplay experience thanks to included support for the PS Move controller.

As far as we can tell, the Bioshock 1 offer appears to be exclusive to the PS3 only, so we imagine a lot of you will now be getting the PS3 version instead of PC or Xbox 360, as who doesn’t like a free game? A few things to point out which we’re yet to clarify – 1) There is no mention on whether Bioshock 1 will come in disc format on the Blu-ray, or if it will be a voucher code to redeem on the store. 2) At the moment, this is only confirmed for US orders with no mention of EU purchases yet – hopefully the deal will apply all over, as that would be fairly upsetting if not.

We also hope that there isn’t a repeat of the infamous Battlefield 3 and BF1943 situation, in which EA tried to backtrack on their offer but ultimately gave in after some major heat from PS3 owners. If you are planning to get Bioshock Infinite – it now has to be the PS3 version you are getting right?



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