Why cross platform GTA V on PS Vita would be great

By Alan Ng - Mar 1, 2012

Earlier this week we spoke about the possibility of Sega bringing their upcoming Jet Set Radio remake to the PS Vita, but another game that would be a major coup for Sony if they could land it is a PS Vita version of Grand Theft Auto V.

You think about some of the mouthwatering prospects on the way for the Vita such as Call of Duty, but how amazing would it be if a version of Grand Theft Auto V found its way onto Sony’s new handheld as well. Or let us rephrase that better – how amazing would it be if the Vita had a version of GTAV which featured cross-platform features with the PS3.

A game with the scale as GTA has endless possibilities on the Vita and thanks to the addition of 3G and GPS support, the Vita version could include some very exciting features if this ever became a reality – just look at the Vita’s Near app and other social features as an example of this. The one feature though that would send fans into delirium would be if Sony announced that GTA V was the latest game in their new PS3-Vita platform, where buying one copy of the game would get you a free copy on the Vita like MotorStorm RC and other games.

That’s a long shot in itself given the caliber of Grand Theft Auto, but if the game did come to the Vita – here’s some of the features that we would like to see:

Cloud game saving

There would be no greater feeling than being able to have a lengthy session of GTA V on the PS3, take a rest and then resume where you left off on Vita with all of your data in tact. We’re not sure if such a feature is possible on the Vita due to the hardware, but it would make everyone buy the game if Sony and Rockstar could pull it off.

Instant map

When playing GTA V, you could argue that your greatest companion is the map. When you play the game on console, it becomes standard that you end up pausing the game to check out a particular location. With this in mind, how great would it be though if you could just have your Vita at your side with an instant map all synced up with the PS3, and displaying the current mission you are on with the ability to zoom in via touch for a closer look at where you are heading to.

Rear mirror whilst driving

Another great feature for the Vita would be to have the option of using the Vita as a rear view mirror whilst driving on the PS3. Obviously you don’t want to take your eyes of the TV for too long, but a quick glance at the Vita could give you an edge if you need to shake the cops whilst navigating through tricky side roads.


This goes without saying, but just like we have seen with WipEout, Sony has an amazing opportunity to make cross-platform multiplayer across PS3 and Vita one of their premium features. Imagine being able to head into a GTA V deathmatch online with PS3 players, but using your Vita instead. The beauty of GTA multiplayer generally suggests that it isn’t too taxing on hardware like an FPS would be perhaps, so we feel it is something that could definitely happen on Vita if Sony and Rockstar put the effort in.

Even if the dream isn’t realized and there doesn’t end up being a PS Vita version of Grand Theft Auto V, Sony should include some basic functionality at least so the Vita isn’t wasted. A few ideas could involve being able to use the Vita as a controller instead of the dual-shock if you prefer, or being able to use the PS Vita’s microphone to answer calls that come through whilst your playing through the campaign.

We’re praying that Sony are already locked in talks with a big sack of money waiting for Rockstar to agree to a Vita version. If you would like to see this happen as well, give us your best PS3-Vita cross platform features below.

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  • 555

  • wow,nice article,it certainly caught my eye.i wish they release it for ps vita!

  • Barny_Bear

    All portable versions of GTA are made by Rockstar Leeds in England. Sniff around there and find out,im sure they will be making GTA games for the Vita.

    • Aprinceally

      can u plz tel me whats the price of ps vita

  • Redswoo

    Can’t see how this improves the game, you are already holding a gamepad so to hold this as well is cumbersome. Besides the type of things described in the article could be handled by A smart phone which many more people own

  • Asif-2fun

    Rockstar should make it to the Vita thay have to…..and i mean it XD epic epic epic 

  • NgTurbo

    Would buy this in an instant..GTA belongs on the Vita.