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Sony PS4 may not have backwards compatibility

We have some important rumors to share with you now, and it could be cause for concern for a lot of you. We’re hearing reports that Sony’s next console will not make use of the cell processor, meaning that it could be an end for backwards compatibility with PS3 and PSN titles on the current system.

The information published by Kotaku suggests that Sony may decide to do away with the cell processor entirely, in favor of using a brand new setup rather than utilize an upgraded version of the cell processor which was obviously a possibility.

With the cell processor allegedly now out of the picture, it poses all sorts of questions such as what is going to be the replacement, and what are Sony planning to do to accommodate those who will want to play PS3 titles on the next console. This could be another piece to a separate puzzle as well which will see AMD develop graphics for the PS4, another rumor that doesn’t seem to be going away.

Developers have spoke about in the past about the difficulty of developing for the PS3 and its cell processor, so could this have been a factor in Sony’s mind to possibly remove it for the PS4? The company are obviously not going to confirm this huge rumor any time soon as they don’t speak out on speculation, but it does provide an interesting debate for those of you who want backwards compatibility on the next console as a priority. We have always enjoyed playing PS1 classics on the PS3 so we’re a fan of backwards compatibility. If this feature is removed for PS3 games on the new console, then it’s obvious that Sony will come in for a lot of criticism. However, Sony may be able to come up with some kind of emulation plan so PS3 games can still run on the PS4.

Would it be a big deal for you if you couldn’t play PS3 games on the PS4? Also, what will happen to the endless amount of PSN titles that require the cell processor to function?



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