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Skyrim PC update 1.4.27 is a bug fixing frenzy

It was not too long ago that we told you about the 1.4.26 beta update that was available for the PC version of Skyrim, but now we have official confirmation from Bethesda that the latest update, patch 1.4.27 is now available to download as well.

The update addresses a few problems with the Skyrim launcher, but the main focus here is fixing up some more of those pesky bugs that are still lingering in the game and have now been brought to Bethesda’s attention.

For those of you who have been experiencing a bug in the game related to enchanted magic, you’ll be pleased to hear that Bethesda has issued a bug fix in 1.4.27 where the game will no longer become unresponsive when charging up enchanted magic. There has also been a fix put in place to stop the game crashing when loading subscribed mods that have been deleted by the author on the Steam workshop.

There’s two other points of interest for PC players that you may want to know about as well – Bethesda has now made it easier to map buttons for those playing the game using an Xbox 360 controller rather than keyboard and mouse. One of the most irritating bugs has also been fixed in 1.4.27 where companions and other followers will now sneak correctly when you are sneaking and not give away your location – we’re really pleased about this one.

Bethesda also point out that the load order functionality has been improved for mods in this update, but we hearing that a few of you are still having some problems with this, resulting in a crash to desktop effect in some situations when trying to use the launcher to change load order.

If you installed the 1.4.26 beta update at the first opportunity, you probably have already had a good look at how the game handles since the changes are basically the same between the two versions. If this is the case, let us know if your Skyrim is now better than ever on PC, or if you have run into some new problems. There’s still no word on DLC for the game, but we’re guessing that Bethesda are still working on this and the content, or should we say expansion pack will be better than ever.

Have you installed the 1.4.27 update on PC yet? Full change log here



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