MacBook Pro redesign for 2012 not long away

By Gary Johnson - Mar 13, 2012

Earlier this month we told you why any new Apple MacBook Pro refresh needed a Thunderbolt port, this was followed by the news that the Ivy Bridge processors were being delayed and could affect Apple’s plans for 2012. Now today we can tell you that the MacBook Pro 2012 redesign may not be too long away from hitting retailers’ shelves.

It is being reported that the thinner and lighter 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros are expected to be available around April according to an article over at AppleInsider. Sources from Apple’s supply chain have suggested the device may launch by April with around 900,000 units expected to be available at the launch.

It doesn’t seem a new version of the 17-inch MacBook Pro will be available at the launch though. This fits in with earlier reports that hinted that Apple was focusing on the 15-inch model, with the 17-inch version releasing at a later date. The company used a similar method when it refreshed its MacBook Pro range back in 2008, with the larger version releasing a few months after.

With Apple refreshing its MacBook Pro range alongside new MacBook Airs with the recently announced Mountain Lion OS X 10.8, many feel it will prove a big test for notebooks based on Intel’s Ultrabook lineup.

After the recent news that the Ivy Bridge processors could be delayed until June some manufacturers may worry about Apple stealing an early advantage in the market. Intel may still give Apple access to the first batch of Ivy Bridge processors, so the company could still launch the new MacBook Pro range in April.

The new range will use design features from the successful MacBook Air lineup, as the company gears up for the launch of the Ultrabooks that are intended to be less than 21 mm thick. They are also set to weigh a maximum of only 3.1 pounds and will feature solid state drives with around 5 to 8 hours of battery life.

Early Ultrabooks have so far failed to compete with Apple with regards to price with the entry level MacBook Air starts at $999. Apple has also managed to get an advantage with metal unibody chassis for notebooks.

Are you waiting for the new range of MacBook Pros?

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  • Hery Tjia

    I just bought MacBook air 13.3. I won’t wait for MacBook pro. I hope next year MacBook air have new range.

  • Zac

    Hopefully Ivy Bridge brings out more than what it is saying, and the transistor design makes it more efficient. If nothing else, hopefully Apple will wow me again to plunking down another 3 grand. They did with the 2011 quad core premier, and if they do something wild again, I will have officially spent as much on Apple products as I have on my (new) car…wow, I need to get out more often!!!

    Also, we def need USB3 support, 1666+ MHz RAM with a factory 16GB+ option, a 6.0 Gbps SSD (the current Toshiba is only 3.0 and it benchmarks at about 1/3rd that of the fastest SSDs on the market), a more durable powercord design (see the reviews on how poor the durability of the current cord is), a quad core option for the 13 inch, and better graphics options for the 13 as well.

  • Jonathanbruce

    Yes.  I would seriously consider a New Design MacBook Pro 13 to replace my ageing 2009 MBP 13″. I’m not bothered if it’s April or June.  June preferably though, would like to usb3 as well as Firewire800 and Thunderbolt.  I still use Firewire800 over usb2 but have a usb3 drive on my pc I would prefer to use more.

  • Apreston251

    yes need a new macbook by the 19th of April hopefully they will be in by then

    • Teo

      what time, roughly?
      ** i gave a Like to your message