DOOM 4 background screenshots emerge, game not cancelled

If you are a fan of legendary FPS series DOOM and have been keeping an eye on all the latest developments regarding the game, you’ll probably be as surprised as we are after hearing reports this week that the game has been cancelled.

The good news, is that it looks like the game hasn’t been cancelled and it was just a hoax. AllGamesBeta picked up on some alleged leaked images from 4Chan along with the rumors of the game’s cancellation, but Bethesda has been quick to respond by saying that this information is not true.

Pete Hines has categorically told Joystiq that DOOM 4 has not been cancelled and that Bethesda will be showing off the game in further detail when the time is right. It’s worth pointing out though that this isn’t the first time that we have heard information regarding a potential cancellation for Doom 4. Bethesda again had to deny rumors about this in October of last year, so either there is something fishy going on, or it could be the start of another Duke Nukem Forever situation – let’s hope not.

The game is being handled by legendary developers iD Software, who are supposedly working hard on the game after finishing up with their most recent release, Rage. iD Software are yet to comment on the fresh wave of cancellation rumors, but obviously the easiest tonic to this would be just to release some official media to show everyone that the project is still well and truly alive.

We say official media, as there is now a supposed batch of leaked screenshots for the game which appear to show some of the game’s environments for the very first time. There’s no characters in view though and we have read some feedback online in which most of you argue that the screenshots do not feel ‘very DOOM like’. We would admit that there is a striking similarity to Resistance in these shots, but we’re guessing a clearer picture will be made once we see some official material.

Do you still have love for the DOOM franchise? We’re not going to upload the leaked screenshots here for obvious reasons, but check them out through the link above and let us know what you think about them – can you imagine playing DOOM 4 with the environments shown in the images? I guess a PS Vita version is out of the question.



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