Early PS Vita sales excite, price cut still expected

By Gary Johnson - Feb 28, 2012

The PS Vita has now been available for around a week in both the US and the UK. Some have moaned about the lack of quality titles and missing applications that are wanted by users. Today we have the early PS Vita sales that may excite some, but a price cut is still expected by some analysts.

While the new Sony Mobile division is busy at the Mobile World Congress the company took the time to release sales figures for the new console. According to an article over at Forbes Sony has shifted 620,000 PS Vita units in the US, while in Australia and Europe a further 578, 812 PS Vita’s were sold by the company.

When these latest figures are added to the total units sold in Japan since the device was launched late last year, it means Sony has sold over 1.2 million units of the PS Vita so far. Andrew House of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. said that the company is working with 3rd party developers and publishers to continue the momentum the console is seeing, and to provide “the best games and franchises” for the new handheld console.

Sony is promising that the rest of the year will see titles for everyone around the world on the PS Vita. The company has revealed that they have sold over two million games so far for the device, with 25 titles currently available. There are also around seventy new titles currently in development for the Vita to further widen the choice owners have.

But as we reported before some analysts feel if Sony were to cut the price of the device, it could generate estimated sales of 12.4 million around the world for 2012. Added to software sales it could generate around $2.2 billion for Sony from the PS Vita in 2012.

Meanwhile respected Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter doesn’t think Sony will be making any price cuts to the device in the near future. He is estimating that Sony will shift around 4.3 million units in 2012, with 1.5 million being sold in both the US and Japan, with a further 1.3 million being sold in Europe.

As with any new device early adopters will rush out to purchase the new hardware, but it’s the following weeks and months that tell the true success of any new device. Sony has undoubtedly developed a great new console, but mobile gaming has changed in recent years with increased competition to tempt gamers.

Have you got the PS Vita? What do you think of it?

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  • Im so angry at Sony. Why? Well… the price compared from Australia to United States is ridiculous. The over priced memory cards and not giving Australians 32GB cards its petty. The Over priced downloadable games. No wonder people order overseas, and why Australia’s retail is collapsing. And no wonder people are jail breaking devices to download emulators and multitudes of free games…If you were smart like Apple.. you would make your games affordable but make your devices expensive. Or Make it cheap like a amazon tablet but have its app’s expensive… but NO.. you just make it cheap for some and over priced for others.

    • game consoles v.s ipods and iphones work from completely different business models. Sony doesn’t make money from selling consoles, it’s from game developers and publishers who use their system. Apple’s main stream of revenue is still the products itself not music or 3rd party apps. 2nd point, i’m not sure if u have ever bought anything from another country cuz almost everything is cheaper somewhere and much more expensive somewhere else, get the FCK over it.

  • Oxradler

    Population of Europe is approximately 730 million, population of USA about 300 million, population of Australia approx 20 million.  Sony has sold 620 000 units to a market with over 1 billion population.   This will include all the pre-orders.  I’m not so sure that this is all that impressive. 

    The real test will be sales in 6 – 8 weeks.  Interesting that Sony is going out of its way to add this figure to the Japan figures to boost the number to 1.2 million.  If the sales were truly impressive they should be able to state the figure as a stand alone number.