Android Temple Run compensation, Twitter cons

By Alan Ng - Feb 28, 2012

While iPhone owners have been enjoying Temple Run for an eternity it seems, the same cannot be said for Android users unfortunately. After waiting for a long period of time for the same game to appear on the Android Market, it looks like Android users won’t be running from crazy monkeys any time soon.

The developers of the game have just announced a delay to the game which is taking everyone by storm at the moment, and it now means that Android users will not get to play the game anytime in February. An official statement has been made on the official Facebook page, and after reading some of your feedback it’s clear that a lot of you are not happy about the delay.

If you go to Twitter and do a search for ”Temple Run Android”, you can see some of the disappointment from other users, so it’s not just you who is going crazy thinking to yourself why isn’t there a demo at least to try out on the Android Market. Speaking of the Android Market, we’ve also spotted that there are still many attempts from some rogue developers and users to trick others into believing that Temple Run is already available to download.

Developers Imangi have already said numerous times that they will be informing users beforehand about an imminent release, so if you see constant messages on Twitter saying things like ”OMG. Temple Run for Android has just been released! Get it now”, with a link to the Android Market – don’t download it because it’s a fake.

On a slightly more positive note, there’s a fairly awesome video that you should check out in the meantime which shows the creative minds of certain individuals as they imagine playing Temple Run in a real life live action setting. The use of free running is a stroke of genius, so if you are a fan of that we suggest you check out the clip below and see it for yourself.

As an Android user waiting patiently for the game to arrive – are you getting a bit fed up with the delays now? We’ve even heard some of you suggest that Temple Run isn’t even that popular anymore, but we think when the game does arrive eventually you’ll still be rushing to the Android Market to get your hands on it. Are you hoping that the developers put the full game on the Market for free to make up for the delay?

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  • Litzy0987

    it aredy came

  • shady

    when u cant stick in your word then dont trick us !!!!! by saing temple run coming feabruary we all was so exited to get that game in feb but its now march and the game still not out!!!!! witch mean they
    lied to all of us!!! (android users)!!!!!!!!

  • Deandrechandler2580

    Thts gay

  • Jmosley45

    ima bout to just buy a ipod because ima not even gonna wanna play by the time it comes out

  • Hotlatay

    Look this is not cool nor fun my friends going over a millions in score and talk talk sweet time. .I think you just want us to go buy iPhone mean might as well its like forget it its really stupid

  • Millerbroadway

    I like temple run, but i won’t pay for it. And By time it comes out i won’t even want it.

  • Az

    U guys r butt holez. Like really come on.

  • Joeyclark

    Dude i would not pay for temple run ever just for the simple fact its free on apple honestly i really wanted this game but i really dont care anymore

  • Ninah1818

    By the time it comes out nobodys gonna want it anymore…. :/

  • Sameer sgad

    Forget temple run

    • Lonzilivestodance

      dude! I don’t know u but I am so with u on tht!

  • Sameersharief97

    They bettter be making it free i waited for so long…i dont want even want it anymore

  • Justin716

    I can’t believe it, their taking forever!!! 🙁