Diablo III: New delight for Xbox 360, PS3 owners

By Alan Ng - Feb 27, 2012

As PC owners patiently wait for Diablo 3 to arrive with a smile on their faces, we haven’t heard any further details on the prospect of the game also coming to the consoles via the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Although Blizzard are obviously remaining quiet on this as they wouldn’t want to ruin a possible E3 2012 reveal, new details have emerged over the weekend, once again touting the possibility of the Diablo franchise coming to home consoles as well for the first time.

Last month we had the big news about Blizzard’s community manager Bashiok and his revelation on Twitter that the game would be coming to console, and now we have some other big clues to tell you about. Blizzard has made no secret of their intention to hire new staff in order to work specifically on the Diablo team, with a key requirement being Xbox 360 and PS3 experience, as noted by Ripten.

A recent listing over at Gamasutra relates to a console software engineer requirement by Blizzard, someone who is also a graphics specialist. Other requirements include past experience on ”Xbox 360 and PS3 rendering architecture and APIs”, as well as background knowledge in ”code and data optimization to improve both memory consumption and performance” – why does that instantly remind us of Skyrim?

Blizzard may be staying silent for as long as possible, but that looks like a clear signal to us that Diablo III is coming to console. But if it does happen – when will the console version arrive? The game is due out on PC in the next few months, but we predict that it’s unlikely that a console build will be ready by the same time. One more reasonable scenario is that the game gets announced at E3 2012 and will end up being a Christmas release on the Xbox 360 and PS3 and will come just in time as the PC is receiving additional post-release content.

After seeing the Diablo franchise appear on PC for so long, is it now time for Blizzard to cash in and bring the game to consoles as well? PC owners won’t care too much as long as it doesn’t affect the release of their version. To those who have played the Diablo III beta, tell us if you would prefer to pick this up on console instead out of convenience of playing with a controller, or if it’s strictly PC only for you.

Imagine if Diablo III becomes a huge success on console and we end up seeing the next World of Warcraft game on Sony and Microsoft consoles as well – quite a prospect to look forward to.

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  • Feyd_andvari

    Well there was certainly a lack of fact checking. I guess ill respond to the articles question however.. I have been in the diablo 3 beta for over 3 months. I play pc and console games, have every console from every generation, and a 75″ TV to play them on.. however, I would never play diablo 3 on anything other than PC.. the mouse interface suits it perfectly. Although i have played this genre on console (torchlight, deathspank).. and its not terrible.. it just makes me feel disconnected from the game and the action when I’m using a controller, allowing the game to assume which enemy I want to attack, rather than simply allowing me to click on then with a cursor. That being said, so far diablo 3 is fantastic, and I cannot wait for the full release.

  • D-Rok

    Haha Feyd, you took the words right out of my mouth :P. I remember many hours sunk into my playstation copy of Diablo when it came out!. Makes me wonder if the person who wrote this article was in diapers back when diablo came to playstation…

  • Feyd_andvari

    Two things: Blizzard does not attend E3, and has cancelled blizzcon for this year.. and this would not be Diablos first appearance on console.. as Diablo 1 existed on the Playstation 1

    • NgTurbo

      I’ll admit I didn’t play Diablo on the PS1, but when I was referring to home consoles..I was talking about the PS3 and Xbox 360, Diablo 2 was a PC game.

      As for ‘Blizzard does not attend E3’, you could say the same thing about Gabe Newell appearing at a Sony conference…and look what happened there! 😉

      • Feyd_andvari

        I guess anything is possible.. perhaps theyll show up at E3 specifically because they know they wont have a blizzcon this year.  Either way Im hoping that a solid release date for D3 is given at or around next weeks GDC!

        • NgTurbo

          You got your wish Feyd!