PS Vita price drop tipped but may not be needed

By Gary Johnson - Feb 24, 2012

The Sony PS Vita has been available for only a few days now, and has been pretty well received so far even though there has been a few early niggles with the device. But already a PS Vita price drop is being tipped by some even though there may be no need for it.

Even though the PS Vita has only been available for a few days in most regions, certain analysts are comparing the sales of the device in Japan with those of the Nintendo 3DS according to a report on ZDnet. Jia Wu of Strategy Analytics is using the situation that Nintendo faced shortly after the launch of the 3DS.

It saw a successful launch but sales quickly fell away, which was put down to the weak lineup of launch titles and the high price. This led Nintendo to slash the price of the console and is now reaping the rewards with record sales of the 3DS.

When the PS Vita was launched in Japan it sold an impressive 300,000 units during the first week of availability, but this soon dropped to around 20,000 a week. Jia is blaming the high price for the console for the sluggish sales for the new console.

Since the 3DS saw a price cut it became the fastest console to achieve five million sales in Japan. Early sales of both systems were by early adopters who are fans of the platforms and would have purchased the device no matter what the price was.

Meanwhile Strategy Analytics are suggesting that if Sony were to reduce the price of the console it could achieve 12.4 million unit sales around the world this year. It is being suggested that after the first surge in sales in the US and Europe, these regions will follow the situation in Japan.

Understandably Sony has said there are no plans for a price cut and the company has obviously invested heavily into the PS Vita. Some gamers have commented about the high price of the 3G version of the device considering a monthly data charge is needed on top of the initial console price.

The cost of the PS Vita Memory Cards has also been a concern for some gamers, but some retailers have already offered the Wi-Fi version at a really competitive price. It will need a few months of sales before you could say the device needs a price cut, and some gamers could be waiting until then or for when more content is released.

Do you think the PS Vita will see a price cut this year?

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  • ANdrewSTevenson2007

    Well my biggest concern was raised with Sony where digital versions of a game cost more than amazon with no resale value, they need to think of that. And if you got a ps3 version of a game and you wanna get the vita version there is no discount if you have ps3 version why should you pay for a game twice. Wouldn’t paying for ps3 games on store if vita counterpart came free

  • Mumi786

    Honestly, the price is too high in the UK, for the wifi, £199, and 3g version £250, plus £40+ for a decent size memory stick. Also with the games being priced around £40, and buying everything you need, console, memory stick and games, the cost will exceed the £300. I think a handheld console should never exceed what a full on gaming console is priced at. I understand it’s a new device, but it’s still priced really high. I brought my xbox 360 s for £130, brand new on sale. Also my brother brought PS3, 160GB, extra control, games, accessories, plus gurantee for £300. So when you look at how much the PSVita cost, it’s not worth it. I am sure there is many people who want to buy it but the price, people are holding back. I am one of those people. I will buy one, but not until the prce of the wifi drops atleast £50-60. I  think I wait till christmas for the sale. Also I hate how Sony made new memory stick, couldn’t they use what they had before, pro duo or evenn micro sd as they sell for unbelivable price. I really hope Sony plays it smart, and start at a reasonable price, at that price, you could get a xbox 360, wii or even the PS3 brand new less than what the PSvita is offering.

  • Oxradler

    Sony is already testing breaking point in the USA. In Europe and Australia the price is too high, $418 and then another $50 for an 8Gb memory in Australia. Every Nintendo 3DS sale over the few months is a lost PS Vita sale.
    Instead of pricing so they fly out the door, Sony wants to bleed the hard core gamers first.
    Sony may be surprised when even a price drop doesn’t work. Remember the PSP GO! (?).

  • Hargrave1988


    • Blett70

      No what?

      • Mjfame

        Do you think the PS Vita will see a price cut this year?