Gevey SIM Ultra S unlocks iPhone 4S for high price

By Alan Ng - Feb 24, 2012

If you own a GSM version of the iPhone 4S and have been after an unlock solution for months, your prayers may have been answered in the form of the new Gevey SIM Ultra S. After previously being able to unlock the iPhone 4, a new version of this SIM touts the ability to unlock the GSM iPhone 4S for the very first time.

The SIM is called the Gevey Ultra S and a new video demonstration coming out of China claims that consumers in the US or anywhere in the world will be able to unlock their GSM iPhone 4S without the need to jailbreak it first.

This of course would give US consumers the option of using the iPhone 4S on T-Mobile if they desire, since traditionally the standard iPhone 4S model is locked down to AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. If you’re familiar with the way Gevey SIM works, you’ll want to know that the Ultra S SIM has support for basebands 1.0.11, 1.013 and 1.0.14 on either iOS 5.0 or 5.0.1 – anything other than that and it won’t work.

Since you don’t have to jailbreak your device, it’s essentially a plug and play method which can unlock your device in a matter of ease. Given the high demand for such as solution, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the new Ultra S Gevey SIM for the iPhone 4S won’t be available on the cheap.

ApplenBerry are now taking pre-orders for the new SIM cards which will be shipped between March 3-7, but each one will set you back $55. That’s not exactly cheap we agree, but we’re sure most of you won’t mind paying for this device if it means being able to use your iPhone 4S on carriers such as T-Mobile.

Another pleasing aspect of the new Ultra S SIM is that you won’t need to physically modify or cut the SIM in order for it to fit inside your iPhone. If you have used a Gevey SIM in the past on the iPhone 4, you’ll know that this was one of the main hassles of using it.

There’s a video demonstration below showing how the process works exactly. Are you still craving an unlock for your GSM iPhone 4S, or do you feel it’s not really worth spending $55 on with a possible iPhone 5 announcement coming later on in the year? Let us know if you have used a GEVEY SIM in the past and if it worked for you.

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  • Px_mickey

    i have iphone 4s kddi au carrier but i dont have the original sim,but i have softbank sim and i want to use it,now im using gevey ultra s to unlock the iphone its grate and now iused my softbank sim,but i cant use internet or other because it said im not subscribed to a celluar data service,and im always call it have the +81 in the phone number,i live hear in japan,the question is the i call it is going to along distance call or not/

  • Apple Service

    For gevey UltraS in Mumbai and India call +91 9833098597. Also factory unlock of iphones will be done. Mail at for more details.

  • Hmoooood

    how about 
    CDMA phone, is it working for them as well?

  • Deira

    I have a question I had the gevey unlock sim on my iphone 4 and i upgrades its software to ios 5.0.1 thru itunes, will the unlock sim, unlock my phone its fireware its 04.11.08, and its version is 5.0.1 i live in the dominican republic

    • MaxTeR bLaXtEr

       Deira, si tiene el firmware 4.11.08 no hay unlock solutions en estos momentos. Si le hiciste el update por itunes sin matener el viejo firmware (lo cual se puede haver por via de varias programas, como Sn0wbreeze, etc.), entonces no hay solucion por el momento. Att KelComman2 – Vegano.

  • Jamiejamison29

    Im from philippines though.

  • Jamiejamison29

    my iphone4s is from canada its brand new,is it possible to unlock it here? using the gevey sim? its OS 5.0. pls help me! thanks! 

  • Apple Service

    For any factory unlock of iphone 3gs/4/4s except USA, Japan, Canada, Dubai mail at

  • Mariela infante

    I have the same question, I have sprint iphone 4s and I want to go to att is that possible with this card?

    • Aaa

      Not possible.
      Sprint is using CDMA, AT&T is using GSM (UMTS). Totally different.

  • Zavennn

    So would I be able to unlock sprint iPhone 4s for ATT?