FIFA 12: Paul Scholes added, Torres redeemed in January transfer update

By Alan Ng - Feb 23, 2012

Attention all FIFA 12 owners around the world, as EA has finally delivered on the highly anticipated January transfer update. The next time you boot up your game, you’ll see the the update will start automatically.

At the start of February, we thought that the January update would be coming much sooner than now, but at least EA has finally made the update available. As expected, all the movers in the real life transfer window have been made, while there is also one notable addition to Manchester United as well in relation to one certain Paul Scholes.

Arsenal fans will see that their beloved Thierry Henry has now made his way back to the New York Red Bulls and Chelsea fans will be pleased to see that the stats for Fernando Torres remain the same and haven’t been lowered to reflect his shocking form for the club at the moment. Manchester City fans may want to think about re-adding bad boy Carlos Tevez into their squad as it looks like he is now set to play for the club for the remainder of the season.

As you told you at the start of the month, QPR now have two extra strikers in the form of Bobby Zamora and Djibril Cisse and Sunderland can now call on the services of Wayne Bridge via a loan move, although we’re not sure if there was a handshake involved in the deal or not.

For those of you who have already installed the update – are you happy seeing Paul Scholes back in the Man U lineup with an overall rating of 81 or did you expect this to be higher? Just for comparison purposes, Torres still remains on an 86 rating while Liverpool’s number 9 Andy Carroll carries the same rating as Scholes with 81. We’ve seen that a lot of you are not too happy about the rating for Arsenal’s rising young star Alex Oxlade-chamberlain either, who only has a rating of 69.

While the frequent transfer updates are great, it would be even better if EA issued some ratings changes every week to reflect player performances every week in the real leagues. At the moment, it just doesn’t feel right whenever we hear the commentator say ‘‘It’s Fernando Torres!! The defenders were lucky to get away with it! Such a rare miss from him!” – when really they should be saying ”will he ever score today?”

Let us your thoughts on the transfer update and what player ratings you feel need updating.

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  • BlueBoyz

    where is the championship updates no andros townsend to birmingham

  • #Arsenal

    chamberlain is 74 not 69…

  • tottenham dude 02

    faaaaantastic luis saha is on the team ive bean waiting ages fr this update

    thank god!!

  • Patch please

    Did you now that , Thousands of people all around the world can’t play FIFA 12 ultimate team because of the disconnections!!! And still no update / patch !!! So we must be happy now to have an update for January transfers 🙂

  • Arsenal Fanboy

    I may be biased as I’m an Arsenal fan (youth and all that jazz), but Chamberlain’s distribution, vision and positioning have appeared as good as Walcott’s and they should probably be closer together in overall ratings. Djorou should be still at 78, lets remember that he was Arsenal’s best defender (pre-carling cup final) last season as well so that should be taken into account if it is about general ability. In his defence, his poor performances this season have also come at a time when he has been played as a right back – he is not a runner of the wings, a dribbler, or a crosser, but he has still tackled well enough.  Ramsey is also another player i feel is slightly underated. He should be a little bit faster off the mark, more agile and a bit more tricky, but his work rate is so off. Why does he have a high defensive work rate a low attacking work rate and a ‘stand tackle’ rating of about 70? that is absurd, he’s not a defensive player and is a good young attacker with better dribbling, athletisism and skill than he is given credit for. I would say 79 is just about fair, but maybe an 80 is slightly more accurate. The fact that Arshavin is still about 81 and is a better player on the game is perhaps evidence that there are significant holes in the logic of rating a few of the players.

    PS – is it my imagination or has gareth bale gone down in his overall rating?!?!?!

  • steve

    torres is an 84 now

  • MANu4Life

    having scholes back for man united is awesome. ive been a fifa fanatic ever since the days of fifa 98 road to the world cup and its so cool to see the game get better and better every year even when u think that its not possible. the only thing this game lacks is indeed a monthly, if not weekly, player performance upgrade that would not necessarily affect the in-form system. agreed that torres should be a 78-82 right now and carroll should be more like an 84 and agree even more that a second look should be given to tweaking the stats of players who have exploded onto the seen this season (welbeck, oxlade-chamberlain, etc.) honestly to to me its more shocking that welbeck is ONLY a 76 than torres being an 86. if you switched the stats of those two players i dont think anybody except die hard blues fans would be upset.