Patent suggests Sony looking to Kinect like device for PS4

By Gary Johnson - Feb 21, 2012

Late in 2006 Nintendo changed the gaming world forever with the release of the Wii console and its motion controllers. The console provided a wider audience a new way to interact with games and eventually led to both Sony and Microsoft offering their own motion controllers. Today there are rumors suggesting that Sony is looking to Kinect like hardware following a recent patent.

Despite early worries by some gamers the Microsoft Kinect has proved to be a hugely successful product, and continues to evolve with the device now available for Windows PCs. Meanwhile Sony came up with the PlayStation Move, which is being outsold by the Kinect by a considerable margin. According to a report on PlayStation lifestyle are looking to their own version that can track movements as well as depth.

A recently published patent has revealed that Sony has started work on a new 3D camera, which has the potential of coming with the next PlayStation. The patent was originally filed back in October last year, which is around a year after the Microsoft Kinect smashed records regarding sales. Sony has said before that they had looked into 3D camera technology before the Kinect was launched, but decided on the PlayStation Move instead.

The patent has been published by Dr Richard Marks who was responsible for the creation of the PS Move and the PS Eye, and hints that the company is again looking at a system along the lines of the Kinect. In the description for the paten it lists an invention that offers a “real-time” 3D environment that uses a device that senses depth.

Similar to the Kinect the patent says the camera will use infrared to determine the depth. Sony producing a Kinect like system for the next PlayStaion makes sense, as Microsoft is thought to be bringing a new Kinect system with the next Xbox console.

Sony will have to be careful to offer something different to the Kinect though as it will be accused of copying Microsoft. The next gen hardware from both companies will hopefully bring some innovative ideas and technology to the table, which will only benefit the gamer. Would you like to see a Kinect type system on the PlayStation?

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