Black Ops 2 exposure good for everyone

We have just given you an update regarding the highly anticipated Call of Duty title for the PS Vita, but now it looks like we have the first substantial leak on the next Call of Duty game for consoles and PC.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the next game being a direct sequel to Black Ops, and it seems like a large piece of that puzzle has now been solved, thanks to the inadvertent help from Amazon France.

Not for the first time, Amazon has once again spilled the beans on a major game release and although this is obviously not 100% official yet, it was reported over the weekend that Amazon France had put up a listing online for Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

As you can imagine, the page on Amazon disappeared rather quickly, but not until French website snapped a few screenshots of the listing. Then a major twist occurred as Activision contacted the site in question asking for them to remove the screenshots and information on Black Ops 2 immediately, to which they refused to do so.

A transcript of the whole event has been compiled by the guys over at Kotaku who add that have also allegedly had their media partnership with Activision terminated, although Activision has now dismissed this claim as a misunderstanding.

So there was that, and then one other notable piece of information regarding Black Ops 2. A chap known as Hugo Beyer had put on his LinkedIn page that he was working for a company called Nerve Software, and that one of the titles in progress was Call of Duty Black Ops 2, according to Joystiq. Unsurprisingly, the page has now vanished as well and additional information from Joystiq reveals that Nerve Software is actually a company contracted by Treyarch, developers for the best selling game on the PS3 and Xbox 360, in Black Ops.

Has Activision’s cover been well and truly blown by this new intel? It certainly seems like it, so hopefully it won’t be long until Activision finally reveals what their 2012 Call of Duty game will be. One possible explanation behind Activision’s strict stance in trying to block the information being published is the fact that this was one of their main surprises for E3 2012. Now that the majority of gamers believe that Black Ops 2 is coming this year, we perhaps won’t see the ‘wow’ factor when and if Treyarch pop up on stage in the Summer to announce the game.

What are your thoughts on these new revelations. Will you be delighted if a direct sequel to Black Ops materializes? It would be a very logical decision on Activision’s part of course, especially given the phenomenal successes of the first game.



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