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Early iOS 5.1 features rumored

We could be a few weeks away from the announcement of the highly anticipated iPad 3, but one other major launch may be coming from Apple at the same time. The next edition of Apple’s iOS has seemingly crept under the radar but now we may have the latest details on iOS 5.1 to bring you in regard to new features.

There is speculation brewing that Apple’s rumored March 7th event may also see the debut of iOS 5.1 and within the last few hours we have heard some details on a few possible changes that will come in the new version.

One of these features is a permanent home for the quick-access camera button on the lock screen of your iPhone. At the moment, a double tap brings up the camera app and users can select it to take a quick photo before Apple returns you to the password screen if you have one set in place.

Images obtained by Portuguese website BlogdoiPhone reveals that the camera app will remain on the lock screen permanently and a new swipe feature will be added to allow users to select the camera app simply by swiping upwards or downwards. By having this swipe feature in space, it will then decrease the chance of the camera app opening by accident since it may be placed on the lock screen for good after the iOS 5.1 update, as noted by 9to5mac.

One other feature which seems to have been confirmed in iOS 5.1 is Siri support for the Japanese language. A further screenshot clearly shows that Japanese will be available in the new update and this backs up previous speculation that Apple were planning to include Japanese to their virtual assistant after updating Siri with support for Mandarin Chinese.

If Apple are planning to introduce iOS 5.1 alongside an iPad 3 announcement, then it makes sense to assume that the third-generation iPad will finally have support for Siri, joining the iPhone 4S which was equipped with Siri at launch. We will be pleased if turns out to be a reality when iOS 5.1 is announced, since one swipe is a lot more convenient then having to double click the home button and wear it out each time.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Would you mind the camera icon being on the lock screen permanently or are you hoping that there is a option to turn it off in settings?



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